Where To Find Pam Stardew Valley?

Stardew Valley is a popular farming simulation game that has captured the hearts of gamers all around the world. The game revolves around farming, fishing, mining, and socializing with the various characters in the game. One of the most beloved characters in Stardew Valley is Pam, a hardworking bus driver who ferries the player to different locations in the game.

If you’re wondering where to find Pam in Stardew Valley, she can typically be found at the bus stop near Pelican Town. However, Pam won’t be available immediately when you start the game. You have to complete certain tasks and reach specific milestones before you can gain access to her bus services. Once you reach those milestones, she will become an essential part of your gameplay experience, helping you travel to other areas of the game with ease and convenience.

Where to Find Pam in Stardew Valley

Pam is a character in the popular farming simulation game, Stardew Valley. She is a hardworking and dependable bus driver in Pelican Town and an ally to the player character. Finding Pam in the game can be important, as she offers transportation to other areas outside of the town, making it easier for players to access new locations and complete various tasks.

Here are some ways to find Pam in Stardew Valley:

– Look for her at the bus stop located east of the town. Pam can usually be found there during the day or early evening, waiting for passengers or taking a break.
– Visit the Joja Mart during regular business hours, and you might find Pam there, stocking shelves or running errands.
– On Wednesdays, Pam can be found at the saloon, drinking and socializing with other characters. This could be a good opportunity to interact with her and build a relationship.
– After completing certain quests or missions, players may also find Pam at their farm, delivering a special item or checking up on the player’s progress.

In summary, Pam is an important character in Stardew Valley, and players can find her by checking various locations in the game, including the bus stop, Joja Mart, Saloon, or even on their own farm.


  1. Where can I find Pam in Stardew Valley?
  2. You can find Pam in the town of Pelican Town. She can be found at the local pub, known as the Stardrop Saloon, daily from 12 PM to 12 AM.

  3. What is the best way to locate Pam in Stardew Valley?
  4. The best way to locate Pam in Stardew Valley is by checking the map in game. On the map, the Stardrop Saloon is marked by a green mug icon. You can also ask the townspeople for directions to the pub.

  5. What are the possible interactions with Pam in Stardew Valley?
  6. There are several interactions you can have with Pam in Stardew Valley. You can purchase items from her at the Saloon, give her gifts, complete quests for her, and increase your friendship level with her through conversations.

  7. What items does Pam sell in Stardew Valley?
  8. At the Stardrop Saloon, Pam sells a variety of items including beer, wine, and salads. She also sells coffee and pizza during certain times of day.

  9. What types of gifts does Pam like in Stardew Valley?
  10. Pam likes a variety of items as gifts in Stardew Valley, including Beer, Cactus Fruit, and Pale Ale. She also likes fruits and vegetables such as Blueberries and Melons.


In order to find Pam in Stardew Valley, players must visit her trailer in the southern town of Pelican Town. She can often be found at the nearby saloon or at the bus stop on rainy days. By completing quests and befriending Pam, players can unlock special rewards and enhance their gameplay experience. With a little persistence and dedication, navigating the world of Stardew Valley and finding Pam is an exciting adventure for all players to enjoy.

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