Where To Find Origin Game Files?

Origin is a popular gaming platform that allows players to purchase and play their favorite games. One of the benefits of using this digital distribution service is that it provides easy access to game files. However, some players may encounter issues when trying to locate their game files on their computer, especially if they want to make modifications or backups.

In this article, we will explore where to find Origin game files on your computer. We will also discuss different methods of accessing these files, including through the Origin client and the Windows file explorer. By understanding where to locate your game files, you can enhance your gaming experience and make sure that your game data is stored safely and securely.

Where to Find Origin Game Files?

Origin is an online gaming platform that allows users to purchase, download and play games on their computer. When you download a game from Origin, it saves the files necessary for the game to run on your computer. These game files can be found in several locations, depending on the game and your operating system.

Here are some places where you can find Origin game files:

– In the Origin games libraries: When you download a game from Origin, it will be added to your game library. To find the game files, go to your Origin library, select the game you want to locate, and click on the gear icon. From there, select “Locate Game” and it’ll lead you to the game files.

– In the default installation folder: Origin installs the game files in a default location on your hard drive. To find the installation folder, right-click on the game in your Origin library, select “Game Properties,” and go to the “Advanced Launch Options” tab. From there, click on “Open Game Files.” This will take you directly to the game files stored on your hard drive.

– With a file search: If you’re not sure where the game files are located, you can search for them on your computer. In Windows, use the file explorer to search for the game’s name. On macOS, use the Spotlight search feature to do a similar search.

– On the game’s website or forums: Some more popular games may have forums or online resources that specify where the game files are stored. Check the game’s official website or community forums to see if this information is available.

In conclusion, locating Origin game files requires knowing where to look. The game files can be found in the Origin games libraries, the default installation folder, through a search on your computer, or on the game’s website or forums for popular games.


1. Where can I find the Origin game files on my computer?
The default location for Origin game files is in the C:\Program Files(x86)\Origin Games folder on Windows computers.

2. Can I move my Origin game files to a different location on my computer?
Yes, you can move your Origin game files to a different location on your computer. To do this, go to the game in your Origin library, click on the gear icon, and select “Move Game Folder”.

3. How can I access my Origin game files on a Mac?
On a Mac, the default location for Origin game files is in the Applications folder. Right-click on the game in your Origin library and select “Show in Finder” to access the game files.

4. Are the game files stored on my computer when I play an Origin game?
Yes, when you download and install an Origin game, the game files are stored on your computer’s hard drive.

5. Can I backup my Origin game files?
Yes, you can backup your Origin game files by copying the game folder to an external hard drive or cloud storage service. To restore the game, simply copy the folder back to its original location on your computer.


In conclusion, locating the original game files can be a daunting task at times, but with the right knowledge and resources, it can be done with ease. Whether you want to mod a game or simply want to dive deep into its development, accessing its original files is necessary. From Steam folders to saved games, the actual game files can be found in different locations depending on the platform on which the game was released. Always remember to do your research before making any changes to the game files, as not all activities may be legal or authorized. With these tips, you will be able to find the game files you need and enjoy the game to its full potential.

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