Where To Find Concrete In Fallout 4?

Fallout 4 is a post-apocalyptic game in which players must navigate a world that has been destroyed by a nuclear war. This world is filled with various resources that players can collect to help them survive. One such resource is concrete. Concrete is a valuable resource in Fallout 4 as it can be used to build various structures and defenses.

To find concrete in Fallout 4, players can loot it from various locations throughout the game. These locations include abandoned buildings, construction sites, and pre-war highways. Concrete can also be purchased from certain vendors or crafted using materials such as cement and steel. Additionally, players can acquire concrete from completing certain quests or by scavenging it from defeated enemies. Regardless of how players choose to obtain it, concrete is a crucial resource for survival and success in Fallout 4.

Where to Find Concrete in Fallout 4

Concrete is an important crafting material in Fallout 4, as it is required for building structures in settlements. Here’s where you can find concrete in the game:

– Junkyard locations: You can find bags of cement and crates of concrete mix at junkyards.
– Hardware stores: Hardware stores have a good supply of concrete bags and mix.
– Wrecked buildings: You may find concrete blocks and bags scattered around in wrecked buildings.
– Quincy Ruins: The Quincy Ruins area has a concrete factory that is a good source of concrete.
– Vault 88: This settlement is located in a cave and has a concrete manufacturing plant that provides unlimited concrete.
– Diamond City: The Diamond City Market is a great place to buy concrete bags and cement.
– Home Plate: You can find concrete bags in the storage room beneath Home Plate.
– Arturo’s House: Arturo’s House in Diamond City has concrete mix and bags in the basement.
– Abernathy Farm: The Abernathy Farm has a small number of concrete bags in their storage room.
– Graygarden: The robots at Graygarden may occasionally have concrete in their inventories.

Overall, concrete can be found in a variety of places throughout the game, and the best method for obtaining it depends on your play style and location preferences.


1. Where can I find concrete in Fallout 4?
One reliable source of concrete in Fallout 4 is by scrapping certain objects like broken buildings, statues, and concrete barriers. Another option is to purchase concrete from certain vendors like Percy at the Diamond City Surplus shop.

2. What items can I scrap to get concrete in Fallout 4?
In Fallout 4, you can scrap various items to obtain concrete, such as broken buildings, statues, concrete barriers, concrete blocks, and rubble piles.

3. Can I produce concrete myself in Fallout 4?
Yes, players can create concrete themselves in Fallout 4 through a special crafting station called the Concrete Mixer. By combining certain items like cement, gravel, and steel, players can produce their own concrete in the game.

4. How much does concrete cost in Fallout 4?
The cost of concrete in Fallout 4 varies depending on the vendor and the player’s bartering skills. Generally, vendors like Percy at Diamond City Surplus will sell concrete for around 2-3 caps per unit.

5. What is concrete used for in Fallout 4?
Concrete is a valuable resource in Fallout 4 that players can use to build various structures, including walls, foundations, and floors. Additionally, many settlements and crafting projects require concrete as a building material, making it a valuable resource to collect and stockpile.


Overall, finding concrete in Fallout 4 can require some effort and exploration. However, once you know where to look, there are plenty of locations throughout the Commonwealth to scavenge for this important crafting material. Whether you’re searching abandoned buildings, construction sites, or simply breaking down existing structures, keeping an eye out for concrete can help you create some of the strongest defenses and structures in the game. So, if you’re looking to fortify your settlements or build something new, be sure to keep concrete in mind as you journey through Fallout 4’s wasteland!

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