Where To Buy Concrete Fallout 4?

Concrete is a key resource in the popular video game, Fallout 4. This versatile material is required for crafting various structures in the settlement mode, from defenses and water pumps to walls and floors. Unfortunately, concrete can be difficult to find in the wasteland, leading many players to search for convenient sources where they can buy this valuable commodity.

Thankfully, there are several options available for those seeking to purchase concrete in Fallout 4. Vendors can be found in settlements, including Diamond City and Goodneighbor, offering limited quantities of the material at variable prices. Additionally, some traders and wandering merchants may occasionally have concrete available for sale. With careful planning and exploration, players can secure the necessary supplies to construct their ideal wasteland home.

Where to Buy Concrete Fallout 4?

Concrete is a crafting material used in Fallout 4 to build and upgrade settlements. It is a crucial component for building structures such as walls, foundations, and floors. Several ways to obtain and buy concrete are:

• Scavenge it from junk: Concrete scraps can be found in various Commonwealth locations such as construction sites, rubble piles, and pre-war buildings.

• Buy it from some vendors: Certain player characters sell shipments of concrete, such as Carla, a traveling merchant, who can sell a shipment of 50 units of concrete.

• Build a concrete extractor: A concrete extractor can be built at a settlement with a workshop. It allows the player to harvest concrete from a large deposit found around the extractor.

• Trade for it: Players can also trade for concrete with other players through the game’s trading system.

Overall, concrete is an essential resource for building settlements in Fallout 4. Players have several options to obtain and buy it, including scavenging, buying from some vendors, building an extractor, or trading for it.


1. Where can I buy concrete in Fallout 4?
Answer: You can buy concrete in Fallout 4 from vendors like Trashcan Carla, Connie Abernathy, and Lucas Miller.

2. Can concrete be found in the wasteland or do I have to buy it?
Answer: Concrete can be found in the wasteland, particularly in construction sites and ruined buildings. However, it is typically easier and more efficient to buy it from vendors.

3. How much does concrete cost to buy in Fallout 4?
Answer: The cost of concrete in Fallout 4 varies depending on the vendor and your Charisma level. However, it typically ranges from 2-3 caps per piece.

4. Is it possible to obtain concrete for free in Fallout 4?
Answer: Yes, it is possible to obtain concrete for free in Fallout 4 by scrapping certain items like cinder blocks, concrete barriers, and pre-existing concrete structures.

5. Are there any particular vendors or settlements that sell concrete at a cheaper rate?
Answer: Yes, some vendors like Connie Abernathy and Finch Farm tend to sell concrete at a slightly cheaper rate compared to other vendors. Additionally, crafting concrete using your settlements can also be a cost-effective option.


Now that you know where to buy concrete in Fallout 4, you can start building your dream settlements with ease. Whether you choose to visit vendors or scrap items around the Commonwealth, there are plenty of ways to gather this valuable resource. So, stock up on concrete and start constructing the perfect post-apocalyptic home. Happy building!

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