Where Is Win Lock Key?

When it comes to using a computer, there are different keys and buttons that serve different functions. One of the keys that you might have come across is the win lock key. The win lock key is an important button that can affect how you use your computer, and knowing where it is located is essential.

The win lock key is found on many modern keyboards, and it is typically located on the left-hand side near the bottom of the keyboard. It is usually labelled with the Windows logo and appears as a combination of the Windows key and the lock symbol. This key is used to prevent the accidental pressing of the Windows key, which can cause interruptions when you’re working on important tasks. In this article, we will explore more about the win lock key and its importance when using a computer.

Where is the Win Lock Key?

The Win lock key is also known as the Windows key or Super key. It is commonly found on computer keyboards and laptops. Usually, it is located between the left Ctrl and left Alt keys.

The Win lock key has a variety of uses, including:

– Opening the Start menu: pressing the Win lock key brings up the Start menu in Windows 10.
– Activating shortcuts: many keyboard shortcuts involve the Win lock key, such as Win+E for opening File Explorer and Win+D for showing the desktop.
– Switching between apps: pressing Win+Tab opens the Task View, allowing you to switch between open apps and virtual desktops.
– Locking your computer: holding down the Win lock key and pressing L quickly locks your computer, requiring a password to re-access.

In summary, the Win lock key is a useful key on your keyboard that serves many functions. If you can’t find it, it is usually located between the left Ctrl and left Alt keys.


1. Q: Where can I find the Win Lock key on my keyboard?
A: The Win Lock key is usually located near the top-right section of the keyboard, next to other function keys such as Print Screen and Scroll Lock.

2. Q: What does the Win Lock key do?
A: The Win Lock key is used to lock or unlock the Windows key on your keyboard. When the Windows key is locked, you won’t accidentally activate shortcuts that use the Windows key, such as Windows + E (to open File Explorer).

3. Q: How do I activate the Win Lock key?
A: Press the Win Lock key once to activate it. The LED indicator light (if your keyboard has one) should turn on to show that the Windows key is locked. Press it again to unlock the Windows key.

4. Q: Why would I want to use the Win Lock key?
A: The Win Lock key can be useful when you’re playing games or working on projects where you don’t want to accidentally minimize or switch windows. It’s also helpful if you’re using a shared computer and want to restrict access to certain Windows functions.

5. Q: Does every keyboard have a Win Lock key?
A: No, not every keyboard has a Win Lock key. However, most gaming or multimedia keyboards will have this feature. If you’re unsure if your keyboard has a Win Lock key, refer to the user manual or do a quick Google search.


In conclusion, I would like to stress again the importance of the Win Lock key in your keyboard and how it can be a handy tool to prevent accidental triggering of shortcuts or commands that can disrupt your work or gaming experience. With its different placements and designs among different keyboard models, it is important to identify where the Win Lock key is on your specific keyboard to make the most out of its functionality. Once you find it, you’ll never have to worry about accidentally pressing the wrong buttons again. Happy computing!

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