Where Is The Map In Retail Row?

Retail Row is one of the most popular locations in Fortnite, offering a variety of shops and buildings where players can loot and gather resources. Moreover, this area is also home to a hidden treasure – the map. The map in Retail Row provides players with an advantage in navigating the terrain and scouting out potential enemies.

To find the map in Retail Row, players need to visit the bookstore located at the center of the town. Inside the bookstore, there are shelves full of books and other reading materials. To the right of the counter, players will see a small podium with an open book on it. Simply interact with the book, and the map will be added to the player’s inventory. Players will now have access to the map, which shows the location of all nearby items and points of interest, greatly improving their chances of winning the game.

Where is the Map in Retail Row?

– Retail Row is a popular landing spot in Fortnite Battle Royale, known for being a bustling shopping district filled with stores and houses.
– The map in Retail Row is located inside the big department store in the center of the area, called “Big Shots”.
– To find the map, players should approach the main entrance of Big Shots, which is labeled with the store’s name in large letters above the door.
– Once inside, the map can be found on a wall display at the back of the store, near the clothes and shoe sections.
– The map is a large, colorful diagram of the Retail Row area, showing the layout of the stores, houses, and roads in vivid detail.
– Players can use the map to plan their movements around Retail Row, navigate to specific buildings or loot spawns, and keep track of enemy movements in the area.
– It’s important to remember that other players may also be looking for the map in Big Shots, so be prepared for potential combat while searching for it.


1. Where can I find the map in Retail Row?
Answer: The map in Retail Row can be found on the wall of the building located at the northernmost end of the area.

2. Is the map in Retail Row easy to spot?
Answer: Yes, the map in Retail Row is quite noticeable and can be easily seen on the wall of the building.

3. What kind of information does the map in Retail Row provide?
Answer: The map in Retail Row shows the layout of the entire in-game island, marking the locations of various landmarks and points of interest.

4. Do I need to do anything special to access the map in Retail Row?
Answer: No, the map in Retail Row is freely accessible to all players without any special requirements or prerequisites.

5. Can I use the map in Retail Row to plan my gameplay strategy?
Answer: Yes, the map in Retail Row can be a useful tool to help players plan their movements and strategies, particularly when it comes to staying within the safe zone during timed events.


In conclusion, finding the map in Retail Row can be a daunting task but with the right approach and knowledge, you can easily locate the map to give you a better orientation of the area. By paying attention to the landmarks and using your intuition, you will be amazed at how easy it can be to locate the map and explore all the exciting features of Retail Row. So, go ahead and embark on this adventure and don’t forget to share your journey with others. Happy gaming!

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