What Is Wan Blocking Ubee?

WAN (Wide Area Network) blocking is a feature available in many network routers that allows an administrator to block certain types of traffic or specific IP addresses from entering the local network from the internet. Ubee is a manufacturer of networking equipment, and WAN blocking Ubee refers to the specific implementation of this feature in Ubee routers.

The implementation of WAN blocking in Ubee routers is straightforward and can be accessed through the router’s web-based configuration interface. There are a variety of use cases for WAN blocking, such as blocking malicious traffic, restricting access to certain websites or services, or preventing certain devices from accessing the internet altogether. By utilizing this feature, network administrators can improve their network security and control the flow of traffic on their network.

What is WAN Blocking on Ubee?

WAN blocking on Ubee routers is a feature that allows network administrators to block certain types of traffic or websites from accessing the internet. Below are some important points to note about WAN blocking on Ubee routers:

– WAN blocking can be used to improve network security by preventing potentially harmful websites or traffic from accessing the internet.
– It can also be used to block websites or apps that may be distracting or inappropriate for employees to access during work hours.
– The Ubee router has a web user interface where administrators can configure WAN blocking settings by adding website addresses or traffic types to the block list.
– WAN blocking can be customized to apply to specific devices or users on the network.
– However, WAN blocking may cause some legitimate traffic to be blocked. It is important to regularly review the block list and adjust settings accordingly.
– If WAN blocking is enabled, it is recommended to inform network users that certain websites or traffic types are not accessible to avoid confusion and frustration.


1. What is WAN blocking on Ubee routers?
WAN blocking on Ubee routers is a feature that allows you to prevent devices on the internet from accessing specific ports on your home network.

2. How do I enable WAN blocking on my Ubee router?
To enable WAN blocking on your Ubee router, log in to the router’s web interface, go to the Security settings section, and select the WAN Blocking option. Then, simply enter the ports you want to block and save the changes.

3. Can I selectively enable WAN blocking on specific devices on my Ubee network?
Yes. You can either manually configure the WAN blocking settings on each device, or set up a firewall rule to block specific devices or IP addresses from accessing your network.

4. What are some common uses for WAN blocking on a Ubee router?
WAN blocking is often used to block incoming traffic from sources that might be trying to exploit vulnerabilities in your network or access sensitive information. It can also be used to prevent unauthorized access to certain services running on your devices.

5. What are some potential drawbacks of using WAN blocking on a Ubee router?
One potential drawback of WAN blocking is that it may impact some legitimate network traffic if you accidentally block the wrong port or service. Additionally, it may require some additional setup or maintenance to ensure that all necessary services are able to access your network.


In conclusion, after learning about WAN blocking Ubee, it is clear that it is a setting that can restrict certain types of traffic from passing through the WAN connection. Some users may find this feature useful in managing their network, while others may need to disable it to allow certain applications or services to function properly. If you are experiencing issues with certain traffic being blocked, it is important to check your Ubee’s settings and adjust them accordingly. With proper configuration, WAN blocking Ubee can be a valuable tool in maintaining a secure and efficient network.

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