What Is Regid.1991-06.com.microsoft?

Regid.1991-06.com.microsoft is a unique identifier that plays a crucial role in the functioning of numerous Microsoft products and services. The term “regid” stands for “registration ID,” and it is used to authenticate Microsoft software and services that are installed on a particular device. This identification key helps ensure that only legitimate Microsoft products and services are being used on a given device and prevents unauthorized access.

The format “1991-06” in regid.1991-06.com.microsoft indicates a specific time period when Microsoft started using registration IDs. This means that products and services that were developed by Microsoft after this period come with regid.1991-06.com.microsoft to ensure secure and genuine use. As a result, regid.1991-06.com.microsoft plays a essential role in protecting Microsoft’s intellectual property rights and ensuring the safety and reliability of its services.

What is regid.1991-06.com.microsoft?

Regid.1991-06.com.microsoft is a registry key that is used in the Microsoft Windows operating system. Here are some important points to understand about this key:

– A registry key is a database entry that stores configuration settings and other information about software applications and hardware components on a Windows computer.
– The regid.1991-06.com.microsoft key was created by Microsoft in 1991 and is used to store information about various Microsoft products and components, such as Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer, and Windows Media Player.
– The key’s name is made up of several parts. “Regid” indicates that it is a registry ID. “1991-06” refers to the year and month that the key was first defined. “Com” stands for “commercial,” which indicates that this key is used for commercial software. “Microsoft” is the name of the company that created the key.
– The information stored in regid.1991-06.com.microsoft is used by various applications and components to manage their settings, preferences, and features. For example, Microsoft Office may use the key to store information about templates, add-ins, and other customizations.
– The regid.1991-06.com.microsoft key is located in the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT section of the Windows registry. This section contains information about file types, COM objects, and other system-level components that are used by Windows and other software applications.
– It is important not to alter or delete registry keys unless you are certain that you know what you are doing. Changing the wrong key can cause serious problems with your operating system and applications. If you are unsure about a particular registry key, it is best to seek the guidance of a qualified computer technician.


1. What is regid.1991-06.com.microsoft?
Regid.1991-06.com.microsoft is a unique identifier that is associated with Microsoft software products.

2. Why is regid.1991-06.com.microsoft important?
Regid.1991-06.com.microsoft is important because it allows Microsoft to track and manage their software products, which helps ensure that their products are reliable, secure, and up-to-date.

3. How is regid.1991-06.com.microsoft different from other software product identifiers?
Regid.1991-06.com.microsoft is different from other software product identifiers because it is specific to Microsoft products and includes a time stamp (1991-06) that indicates when the identifier was first assigned.

4. Can I use regid.1991-06.com.microsoft to identify my own software products?
No, regid.1991-06.com.microsoft is a unique identifier that is owned by Microsoft and should only be used to identify their software products.

5. Is regid.1991-06.com.microsoft a security risk?
No, regid.1991-06.com.microsoft is not a security risk on its own. However, it is important to keep all software products (including those associated with regid.1991-06.com.microsoft) up-to-date with the latest security patches and updates to minimize the risk of security threats.


In summary, regid.1991-06.com.microsoft is a unique identifier used by Microsoft for software registration and activation purposes. This code is essential for Microsoft products and helps to ensure that the software is used in compliance with the terms and conditions of the company. By providing this unique code, Microsoft is able to control access to its products and protect against software piracy. So, the regid.1991-06.com.microsoft serves as an important tool for Microsoft in its efforts to protect its intellectual property and safeguard the interests of its business and its customers.

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