What Is Pqservice On My Computer?

The PQSERVICE is a hidden partition that is typically found on Acer computers. This partition is utilized by the computer’s recovery system to restore the operating system to its original state in the event of a system failure or malfunctions. It is normally hidden from view in order to prevent users from accidentally deleting or modifying it.

The PQSERVICE partition is created during the initial setup of the computer and contains a copy of the operating system, pre-installed software and drivers, as well as any other custom settings that the manufacturer has specified. If the operating system becomes unstable or corrupted, the user can access the PQSERVICE partition to reset and recover the system to its default settings. However, it is important to note that accessing this partition and performing a recovery may result in the loss of any data or programs that were not originally included on the computer.

What is PQService on My Computer?

– PQService is a system recovery feature found in some Acer laptops and desktops.
– It is a hidden partition on the hard drive that contains backup copies of the system files and settings.
– Its purpose is to be used in case of a system failure or corruption, allowing the user to restore the computer to its factory settings without the need for a separate recovery disk or USB drive.
– To access PQService, users usually have to press a key combination during startup (such as Alt+F10 for some Acer models).
– PQService can be helpful in cases of malware infection, software malfunction, or when the computer starts experiencing performance issues.
– However, restoring the computer to its factory settings also means that all personal files, data, and installed software will be deleted, so it’s important to make backups before using PQService.


1. What is PQService on my computer?
PQService is a hidden partition, created by the PC manufacturer on your hard drive, that contains a recovery image for your operating system.

2. How can I access the PQService partition on my computer?
To access PQService, restart your computer, press the appropriate key to enter the BIOS setup utility, and then select the option to boot from the PQService partition.

3. Can I delete the PQService partition to free up space on my hard drive?
Technically, you can delete the PQService partition, but it’s not recommended, as it contains the recovery image for your operating system. Without it, you won’t be able to restore your computer to its original factory condition.

4. Is it safe to reformat the PQService partition?
No, it’s not safe to reformat the PQService partition, as it contains the recovery image for your operating system. This will result in you losing the ability to restore your computer to its original factory condition.

5. Is PQService required for my computer to function properly?
No, PQService is not required for your computer to function properly. It’s only there as a failsafe in case your operating system experiences issues that require a full system restore.


Overall, PQService is a hidden partition on your computer’s hard drive that contains important system recovery files. While it may seem unnecessary and mysterious to some users, it is actually a crucial component of your computer’s maintenance and upkeep. Understanding how PQService works and its purpose can help you troubleshoot any potential issues that may arise. As always, if you have any questions or concerns about PQService or any other aspect of your computer, don’t hesitate to reach out to a trusted IT professional.

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