What Is Ip Passthrough Used For?

IP Passthrough is a technique used to allow a device behind a router to access the internet via a public IP address rather than the private IP address provided by the router. In typical home networks, the router assigns local IP addresses to each device connected to it. This local IP address is used to communicate with other devices on the network, but it cannot be used to access the internet. This is where IP Passthrough comes in handy.

By enabling IP Passthrough, the router essentially allows a device to bypass its firewall and use the public IP address assigned by the ISP. This is particularly useful for devices that rely on a public IP address for communication or for running applications that require open ports. IP Passthrough can also provide a solution for those who wish to use their own router with their ISP-provided modem but still utilize the ISP’s public IP address. Overall, IP Passthrough is a helpful tool for accessing the internet securely and efficiently.

What is IP Passthrough Used For?

IP passthrough is a feature that allows a device connected to a network to bypass the network’s internal router and obtain its own publicly routable IP address.

This feature is commonly used in situations where a device requires a dedicated public IP address to function properly, such as:

• Hosting a server or website: IP passthrough allows the device hosting the server or website to be accessed by users outside of the network, without going through the network’s internal routing.

• VPN connectivity: IP passthrough can ensure VPN connectivity functions correctly, allowing remote workers to access the company’s internal network as if they were on site.

• Gaming and online applications: Some online applications or games require a dedicated IP address, ensuring reliable connectivity and minimal latency issues.

In summary, IP passthrough is used to provide a device on a network with a dedicated public IP address for specific purposes, such as hosting a server or enabling VPN connectivity, to ensure reliable and consistent operation.


1. What is IP passthrough and why is it used?
IP passthrough is a feature that allows a device to bypass the router and obtain a public IP address directly from the internet service provider (ISP). This is useful for devices that require a public IP address for applications such as online gaming or video conferencing.

2. How do I enable IP passthrough on my router?
The steps for enabling IP passthrough vary depending on the router’s make and model. Generally, the feature can be found in the router’s settings under the WAN or DHCP section. Consult your router’s manual or contact the manufacturer for specific instructions.

3. Can I use IP passthrough with a VPN?
Yes, IP passthrough can be used with a VPN. However, the VPN must be configured to work with the public IP address that is assigned through IP passthrough. Consult your VPN provider for specific instructions on configuring the service.

4. Does IP passthrough increase network security?
No, IP passthrough does not increase network security. In fact, enabling IP passthrough can potentially expose your device to more security risks by bypassing the router’s firewall and other security measures. It is important to ensure that the device has adequate security measures in place to protect against potential threats.

5. What are some common devices that benefit from IP passthrough?
Devices that require a public IP address to function properly, such as gaming consoles, VoIP phones, and remote access servers, can benefit from IP passthrough. It can also be useful for businesses that require static IP addresses for hosting websites or running servers.


In summary, IP Passthrough is a useful feature that enables data traffic to pass through a firewall or a router transparently to a device on the other side. It is commonly used when a router is necessary, but an external device needs to have its own unique IP address and not be affected by NAT configurations or port forwarding rules. IP Passthrough is a useful tool for both home and enterprise users alike, providing seamless connectivity and enhanced security for all connected devices. Whether it’s for gaming, streaming, or working, IP Passthrough empowers users to manage their network while maintaining the freedom to use their devices the way they want.

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