What Is Intel Serial Io Drivers?

Intel Serial IO drivers are software programs that help to manage and ensure proper functioning of input/output (IO) connections on Intel-based systems. They were developed by Intel Corporation to support their latest generation of processors and chipsets.

The drivers provide critical support for a range of devices that are connected to the motherboard, such as touchscreens, cameras, Bluetooth controllers, and more. The drivers work by ensuring the compatibility of devices by providing configuration settings, protocols, APIs, and other necessary software components. In this way, they help to optimize the communication between devices in an efficient and reliable way, improving the overall performance and functionality of the system. In summary, Intel Serial IO drivers are essential software components that help to manage IO connections and improve system functionality.

What is Intel Serial IO Drivers?

• The Intel Serial IO Drivers are software packages that support the communication between various hardware components and the operating system on Intel-based computers.

• These drivers provide a means for the operating system to interface with devices such as Intel(R) Serial IO Virtual GPIO Controller, Intel(R) Serial IO Virtual UART Host Controller, Intel(R) Serial IO I2C Host Controller, Intel(R) Serial IO I2C ES Controller, and the Intel(R) Serial IO UART Host Controller.

• They enable the operating system to configure and control these hardware components, which are essential for seamless functionality and optimal performance.

• The Intel Serial IO Drivers are particularly important for laptops and tablets that use Intel processors, as they allow the OS to interact with touchscreens, cameras, and other peripherals.

• These drivers are included in Intel’s Chipset Device Software package, which is available for download from the Intel website.

• Updating these drivers can improve the stability and performance of the hardware components they control, as well as fix any bugs or compatibility issues that may arise.

• It is important to ensure compatibility with the specific version of the operating system in use, as well as with the specific hardware components that are installed on the computer, when installing or updating Intel Serial IO Drivers.


1. What are Intel Serial IO drivers?
Intel Serial IO drivers are software components that facilitate the communication between the processor and various input/output (I/O) devices connected to the system. These drivers are essential in ensuring the smooth functioning of I/O devices such as touchpads, sensors, and cameras.

2. Why do I need Intel Serial IO drivers?
If you have I/O devices connected to your computer, you need Intel Serial IO drivers to ensure their proper functioning. These drivers help establish a connection between the processor and the I/O devices, allowing for seamless communication between them.

3. How do I install Intel Serial IO drivers?
You can install Intel Serial IO drivers by visiting the Intel website and downloading the appropriate drivers for your system. Once you’ve downloaded the drivers, simply run the installation file and follow the prompts to complete the installation process.

4. What are the benefits of updating Intel Serial IO drivers?
Updating Intel Serial IO drivers can provide several benefits, including improved performance and stability of I/O devices, compatibility with new hardware and software, security updates, and bug fixes.

5. Can I uninstall Intel Serial IO drivers?
Yes, you can uninstall Intel Serial IO drivers if you no longer need them or if they are causing issues with your system. To uninstall the drivers, go to the Device Manager, locate the Intel Serial IO device, right-click on it, and select Uninstall.


In summary, Intel Serial IO drivers are essential software components that facilitate communication between various hardware components in a device. By regulating the flow of data between these components, these drivers ensure proper functioning of the system and prevent compatibility issues. Their importance cannot be overstated, especially in modern computing where devices are becoming more complex with a wide range of integrated components. If you are experiencing issues with different devices in your system, consider installing the right Intel Serial IO drivers to ensure smooth operations.

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