What Is Intel Platform Trust Technology?

Intel Platform Trust Technology or PTT is a security mechanism integrated into Intel’s modern processors that provides a hardware-based solution for securing sensitive data and protecting the system from various attacks. PTT was first introduced in the 4th generation of Intel Core processors and has been included in every processor generation since then. It is designed to work seamlessly with other security features of modern operating systems and applications to deliver a robust security solution.

One of the key benefits of Intel Platform Trust Technology is that it operates at the hardware level, providing a more secure and reliable security solution compared to traditional software-based approaches. PTT enables secure boot, firmware security, and other secure access control mechanisms that allow only authorized users to access confidential data and prevent unauthorized tampering of the system. This technology is especially useful in industries like finance, healthcare, and government where data security is critical, making Intel PTT an essential component of modern computer systems.

What is Intel Platform Trust Technology?

Intel Platform Trust Technology (PTT) is a hardware-based security solution implemented in select Intel chipsets that provides a root of trust for secure boot and helps protect user data and system security.

Some key points about Intel PTT include:

– Intel PTT is a security technology built into certain Intel chipsets that provides a foundation of trust for booting the system and ensuring that the system’s software has not been tampered with.
– Intel PTT is based on a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) -like architecture and utilizes a dedicated processor to generate and store cryptographic keys and perform secure operations.
– Intel PTT can be used by software applications for tasks such as secure boot, system recovery, and encryption/decryption of data.
– Intel PTT is designed to work with Windows 8 and later operating systems, and is commonly enabled on business-class systems that require enhanced security features.
– While Intel PTT provides a degree of security for sensitive data stored on the system, it is not a replacement for other security measures such as strong passwords, data backups, and anti-malware software.

Overall, Intel PTT is an important security feature that helps protect the integrity and confidentiality of system data and operations.


1. What is Intel Platform Trust Technology?
Intel Platform Trust Technology (PTT) is a built-in security feature in Intel processors that enables hardware-based encryption and authentication to ensure the protection of sensitive data.

2. What are the benefits of Intel PTT?
Intel PTT provides secure boot, measured boot, and hardware root of trust capabilities that enhance the overall security of modern computers. It also enhances the user experience by enabling secure online transactions.

3. Is Intel PTT different from TPM (Trusted Platform Module)?
No, both Intel PTT and TPM are hardware-based security features that offer similar functions. The main difference is that Intel PTT is integrated into the processor, while TPM is a separate chip.

4. How does Intel PTT work?
Intel PTT uses a trusted execution environment (TEE) to create a secure area within the processor where sensitive operations can be performed. It also creates a unique platform key that is used for authentication and encryption.

5. What type of devices use Intel PTT?
Intel PTT is typically found in modern desktop and laptop computers that use Intel processors. It is also used in some server and embedded systems for enhanced security.


In summary, Intel Platform Trust Technology is a vital element in maintaining the security and reliability of modern computer systems. By providing a secure foundation for hardware and firmware, it helps defend against rootkit attacks and other forms of malware. While it may not be readily visible to the end-user, this technology is crucial in ensuring the smooth and secure operation of computing devices. As our reliance on technology continues to grow, innovations like Intel Platform Trust Technology will become even more essential in protecting our data and safeguarding our digital lives.

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