What Is Intel Me Driver?

Intel ME driver stands for Intel Management Engine driver, which is software that manages and controls Intel-based systems’ hardware at the lowest level, even before the operating system is loaded. It is a vital component of any modern computing device as it enables various features such as remote access, system diagnostics, and hardware protection.

This driver operates through a firmware chip known as the Intel Management Engine (ME) that is embedded in Intel-based motherboards, processors, and chipsets. The ME chip functions as a separate computer within the PC, running its own operating system and communicating with the main CPU and other peripherals. In simpler words, the Intel ME driver works as an intermediary between the firmware chip and your system software, enabling better control and management over your device’s hardware.

What is Intel ME Driver?

Intel ME driver stands for Intel Management Engine driver. It is a software component of Intel’s technology that enables communication with the management engine built into Intel-based platforms. The driver is responsible for ensuring the functionality of the Intel Management Engine, which is a microcontroller that operates independently of the computer’s operating system.

Some of the main functions of the Intel ME driver include:

• Enabling remote access/control for administrators to manage and troubleshoot platform issues

• Providing system security by implementing Trusted Computing technology

• Monitoring and managing system health and energy efficiency

• Enabling certain Intel Active Management Technology (Intel AMT) features

• Facilitating communication between the operating system and the Intel Management Engine

Overall, the Intel ME driver is an essential software component for maintaining the functionality and security of Intel-based platforms. It is important to keep the driver up to date to ensure optimal system performance.


1. What is an Intel ME driver?
An Intel ME driver is a software component designed to help manage and control Intel Management Engine (ME) technology.

2. What does the Intel ME driver do?
The Intel ME driver enables communication between the CPU and the ME firmware, allowing the system to perform various functions such as remote management, system security, and power management.

3. Is the Intel ME driver necessary for my computer?
The Intel ME driver is an essential component in many modern computers, especially those designed for enterprise or business use. However, for home users, it may not be necessary and can be uninstalled.

4. How can I download and install the Intel ME driver?
You can download and install the Intel ME driver from the official Intel website. Navigate to the support section, find the driver for your system and operating system, download it, and install it following the on-screen instructions.

5. Can the Intel ME driver cause any issues or conflicts with my system?
While the Intel ME driver is designed to work seamlessly with your system, it is possible that conflicts or issues may arise. Keep the driver updated and refer to the manufacturer’s instructions for troubleshooting any problems.


In summary, the Intel ME driver is an important component of Intel processors that provides a range of management and security features. It plays a crucial role in the smooth functioning of a computer system and helps safeguard against various security threats. While it is not essential for most users to update the Intel ME driver, it is recommended to ensure optimal performance and security. With the increasing dependence on technology, it is more critical than ever to be aware of the software components that power our machines and take the necessary steps to keep them up-to-date.

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