What Is Html:redirme-inf [trj]?

HTML:RedirME-inf [TRJ] is a type of computer virus that is known for its ability to redirect websites and display unwanted advertisements to users. This Trojan virus has been identified as a security threat by several cybersecurity firms, and it has been known to cause significant damage to computer systems.

The virus is a type of malware that is commonly spread through infected email attachments, misleading websites, and downloads from unsecured sources. Once the virus is installed on a computer, it can rapidly spread to other devices and cause harm by stealing private data, damaging system files, and disrupting operations. In this article, we will discuss the different ways in which HTML:RedirME-inf [TRJ] can infect your computer, its potential dangers, and ways to protect your device from this malicious software.

What is html:redirme-inf [trj]?

– HTML:redirme-inf [trj] is a type of computer virus that affects HTML files.
– It typically redirects users to malicious websites or installs malware on their system without their knowledge or consent.
– The [trj] at the end of the name stands for Trojan, indicating that it is a type of malware that pretends to be a harmless program.
– This virus is commonly spread through infected email attachments, downloads from untrusted websites, or through exploiting vulnerabilities in outdated software.
– Symptoms of HTML:redirme-inf [trj] may include pop-up ads or browser redirects to unfamiliar websites, a slowdown in computer performance, or unusual system errors.
– To protect against this virus, it is important to regularly update your antivirus software and operating system, avoid downloading files or clicking on links from unknown sources, and be cautious of unexpected pop-ups or advertisements.


1. What is HTML:redirME-inf [Trj]?
HTML:redirME-inf [Trj] is a computer virus that belongs to a family of trojans. It is designed to exploit vulnerabilities in HTML files to redirect internet traffic to malicious websites.

2. How does HTML:redirME-inf [Trj] infect a computer?
HTML:redirME-inf [Trj] usually infects a computer by exploiting vulnerabilities in software or by tricking users into clicking on links or downloading infected files from malicious websites or spam emails.

3. What are the symptoms of a HTML:redirME-inf [Trj] infection?
The symptoms of a HTML:redirME-inf [Trj] infection may include slow computer performance, pop-up windows, unusual error messages, and unauthorized changes to computer settings.

4. How can I remove HTML:redirME-inf [Trj] from my computer?
You can remove HTML:redirME-inf [Trj] from your computer by using reliable antivirus software that can detect and remove the virus. Additionally, you can perform a full system scan and remove any suspicious files or programs.

5. How can I protect my computer from HTML:redirME-inf [Trj]?
You can protect your computer from HTML:redirME-inf [Trj] by keeping your antivirus software up-to-date, avoiding suspicious websites and downloads, and not clicking on links or opening attachments in suspicious emails. It is also recommended to keep your operating system and software updated with the latest security patches.


In conclusion, the HTML:RedirME-inf [Trj] is a malicious computer virus that poses a threat to the security of your computer system. It is important to take preventative measures to protect your computer by installing the latest antivirus software and performing regular system scans. Additionally, it is critical to be cautious when downloading software or files from unfamiliar websites and to avoid clicking on suspicious links. By taking these steps, you can help safeguard your computer and prevent the negative impacts of the HTML:RedirME-inf [Trj] virus.

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