What Is Goto Opener Logmein Inc?

Goto Opener is a software application developed by LogMeIn Inc. that allows remote access to computers and devices through a secure internet connection. The application provides users with a swift and reliable way to collaborate, access, and control remote devices while on the go or from remote locations.

LogMeIn Inc. is a leading provider of technological solutions that enable businesses and individuals to securely access and use their digital resources. The company’s Goto products suite, including GotoMeeting, GotoWebinar, and GotoMyPC, empowers users with online collaboration, remote access, and communication tools to streamline their workflow and optimize productivity. With Goto Opener, LogMeIn Inc. offers users an easy-to-use, secure, and flexible solution to remotely access and control their computers and devices, boosting efficiency, and reducing downtime.

What is Goto Opener LogMeIn Inc?

– Goto Opener is a software component developed by LogMeIn Inc.
– It is designed to allow users to remotely access and control their computers using LogMeIn products.
– Goto Opener is typically installed as part of the LogMeIn software package, which includes products such as LogMeIn Pro and LogMeIn Rescue.
– When a user accesses their computer remotely using LogMeIn, Goto Opener is responsible for establishing a secure connection between the user’s device and the target computer.
– Goto Opener uses various security measures, such as encrypted connections and multi-factor authentication, to protect the remote access session from unauthorized access.
– In some cases, Goto Opener may need to be updated or reinstalled in order to maintain compatibility with the latest version of LogMeIn software or to address security vulnerabilities.
– The use of Goto Opener is subject to LogMeIn’s terms of service and privacy policy, which users should review carefully before installing and using the software.


1. What is Goto Opener LogMeIn Inc?

Goto Opener LogMeIn Inc is a software application that allows users to remotely access their computers from other locations via the Internet.

2. How does Goto Opener LogMeIn Inc work?

Goto Opener LogMeIn Inc works by installing a small application on the user’s computer that allows a secure connection to be established between the user’s computer and the remote device. The user can then control the remote device as if they were physically sitting in front of it.

3. Is Goto Opener LogMeIn Inc secure?

Yes, Goto Opener LogMeIn Inc uses advanced encryption techniques to ensure that all data transmitted between devices is secure and protected from unauthorized access.

4. What are some of the benefits of using Goto Opener LogMeIn Inc?

Some of the main benefits of using Goto Opener LogMeIn Inc include the ability to access your computer files and applications from anywhere in the world, enhanced productivity and flexibility, and reduced travel costs.

5. Is Goto Opener LogMeIn Inc free to use?

No, Goto Opener LogMeIn Inc is not completely free to use. However, they do offer a free trial period for new users, and subscription plans can be purchased on a monthly or yearly basis.


In summary, GoTo Opener is an essential tool for remote access and control of devices. LogMeIn Inc. is the company behind the development of this software, and they have been providing reliable remote connection solutions to businesses and individuals for many years. With GoTo Opener, it is easier to manage several devices remotely, and this saves time and increases productivity. If you need to access your files or desktop remotely, GoTo Opener can help you achieve that seamlessly. LogMeIn Inc. continues to improve the features of GoTo Opener to ensure optimal performance and user satisfaction.

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