What Is Go Microsoft Com?

Go.microsoft.com is a website developed by Microsoft Corporation as a platform for its users to access various services, applications, updates, and support. The website provides quick and easy access to Microsoft’s products and services, including Office 365, Windows, Surface, Xbox, and Skype, among others. It also provides tools and resources to help users troubleshoot problems related to Microsoft products and services.

The website is designed to be user-friendly, with a simple and straightforward interface that allows users to easily navigate through the site. Whether you are in need of updates for your computer or looking for solutions to a software issue, go.microsoft.com is a one-stop platform equipped with an extensive library of information to help you quickly find the information you need. By providing a wealth of online resources, Microsoft’s go.microsoft.com website makes it easier for users to stay up-to-date with the latest products, services, and features offered by the company.

What is go.microsoft.com?

– Go Microsoft com is the official website for Microsoft Corporation, an American multinational technology company that develops, licenses, and sells computer software, consumer electronics, and related services.
– The website provides a wide range of information and resources for Microsoft users and customers, including product support, software downloads, training and certification programs, community forums, and news and announcements on company events and releases.
– The website also offers access to the Microsoft Store, an online marketplace where users can browse and purchase Microsoft products such as Windows operating systems, Office productivity suites, Xbox consoles and games, Surface devices, and other hardware and accessories.
– Go Microsoft com is designed to be user-friendly and accessible, with a straightforward and intuitive interface that allows users to quickly find the information and resources they need.
– The website is updated regularly with new product releases and updates, as well as with valuable tips and insights from Microsoft experts and community members.


1. What is go.microsoft.com?
Answer: go.microsoft.com is a URL shortener service created by Microsoft that allows users to shorten lengthy URLs to simpler, easier-to-remember versions.

2. How can I use go.microsoft.com?
Answer: To use go.microsoft.com, simply copy and paste the long URL that you want to shorten into the “Enter a URL to shorten” field, click “Shorten”, and you’ll receive a shortened URL that you can use as needed.

3. Is go.microsoft.com a free service?
Answer: Yes, go.microsoft.com is a free service offered by Microsoft to all users.

4. What benefits does go.microsoft.com offer over other URL shorteners?
Answer: go.microsoft.com offers the benefit of having a reputable brand name associated with its shortened URLs, which can lead to increased trust for users clicking on those links. Additionally, go.microsoft.com provides analytics data on the usage of the shortened URLs.

5. Is there a limit to how many URLs I can shorten using go.microsoft.com?
Answer: No, there is no limit to how many URLs you can shorten using go.microsoft.com. However, Microsoft does reserve the right to disable or remove any shortened URLs that violate their terms of service.


In summary, Go.Microsoft.com is a platform that provides online training and learning resources for Microsoft products and technologies. It offers a convenient and accessible way for individuals and businesses to enhance their skills and knowledge about Microsoft’s tools and services. Whether you’re an IT professional, developer or end-user, Go.Microsoft.com is a great resource for keeping up with the latest technology trends. So, whether you want to learn the basics or advanced features, Go.Microsoft.com is the perfect place to start your journey.

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