What Is Event Id 10016?

Event ID 10016 is a notorious error message that appears in the Windows operating system. This particular event ID has been responsible for causing various issues related to system instability and performance. It typically occurs when a non-administrative user tries to access or execute certain components that require administrative privileges.

Event ID 10016 is known to affect various system files, including the registry, services, applications, and more. The error message occurs when the system’s security properties prevent non-administrative users from accessing these files. This event ID can be frustrating to deal with as it can occur unexpectedly, causing system crashes or other critical errors. Therefore, users must understand its causes, effects, and potential solutions to troubleshoot the error effectively.

What is Event ID 10016?

Event ID 10016 is a common error message that appears in the Windows Event Viewer log. It usually appears when a user doesn’t have enough permission to access a COM component or service. Here are some points to explain this topic in more detail:

• An event ID 10016 error message typically indicates a problem with permissions on the system.
• It’s often associated with Distributed Component Object Model (DCOM) and happens when a user tries to access a COM component or service they don’t have permission to use.
• The error message will typically tell you which component or service is causing the problem.
• The error can occur on both client and server systems.
• The issue may cause various system-related problems such as system crashes, data loss, or even malware attacks.
• To fix the problem, you may need to adjust permissions for the user in question or grant additional permissions to the problematic component or service.
• The solution to the issue may vary based on the specific circumstances of the error.


1. What exactly is Event ID 10016 in Windows?
Event ID 10016 is a code that denotes an error in the Windows operating system’s Event Viewer. It commonly appears in cases where some system application does not have the necessary permissions to carry out its intended function.

2. What are the possible causes of Event ID 10016 errors?
One of the possible causes of Event ID 10016 errors is when a system application or service lacks the required permissions to access certain resources. It can also arise due to malware infections, outdated drivers, incorrect system configurations, and other factors that interfere with the system’s normal operations.

3. How can I troubleshoot an Event ID 10016 error?
To troubleshoot an Event ID 10016 error, you can start by identifying the application or service causing the issue and checking its permissions. You can also run a malware scan, update your system drivers, and check for any system configuration issues. Additionally, you can seek assistance from Microsoft support forums or a qualified technician.

4. Can an Event ID 10016 error cause system instability?
Yes. If left unresolved, Event ID 10016 errors can cause system instability, slow performance, and other issues. That is why it’s important to address the issue as soon as possible to avoid further complications.

5. Can I prevent Event ID 10016 errors from occurring?
While it’s not always possible to prevent Event ID 10016 errors from occurring, you can take certain measures to minimize the risks. This includes keeping your system updated, avoiding malware infections, configuring your system settings correctly, and granting the necessary permissions to critical applications and services.


In summary, Event ID 10016 is a Windows Event Log error message that often occurs due to permission issues with specific components or applications. The error can be resolved by granting the appropriate permissions or by modifying the security settings of the affected components or applications. Understanding the causes and solutions of Event ID 10016 can help system administrators diagnose and resolve issues effectively.

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