What Is Dual Intelligent Processors 5?

Dual Intelligent Processors 5 is a cutting-edge technology that has been developed by ASUS to cater to the needs of gamers and power users who require maximum performance and stability. This technology improves the overall performance of your computer by utilizing two sets of processors in a single system. It includes two main components: the TPU (TurboV Processing Unit) and the EPU (Energy Processing Unit), which work together to optimize and enhance your system’s performance.

The TPU in Dual Intelligent Processors 5 adjusts and fine-tunes the system settings to improve performance according to the user’s specific needs. This includes overclocking the CPU, optimizing fan speeds, and regulating power delivery to the motherboard. The EPU, on the other hand, is responsible for managing the power consumption of your computer. It can automatically adjust the power usage of the system depending on the workloads and tasks, thereby reducing the overall power consumption and extending the lifespan of your device. Overall, Dual Intelligent Processors 5 is a technology that delivers unparalleled performance, stability and efficiency to your computer.

What is Dual Intelligent Processors 5?

Dual Intelligent Processors 5 (DIP5) is a technology developed by ASUS to optimize and maximize the performance of their motherboard systems. It is designed to provide highly efficient control and monitoring of the CPU and other components on the motherboard.

Some key features and benefits of DIP5 include:

• TPU (Turbo Processing Unit): An advanced utility that allows users to tweak and fine-tune their system settings for maximum performance. It enables easy overclocking of the CPU, DRAM, and graphics card, and provides advanced CPU power management options.

• EPU (Energy Processing Unit): A power-saving utility that maximizes energy efficiency and reduces power consumption without compromising on performance. It functions by dynamically adjusting power consumption based on system load, temperature, and user preferences.

• Fan Xpert 4: A smart fan control utility that helps users to manage and optimize their cooling system. It offers a range of fan control options, including Auto-Tuning mode, which automatically optimizes fan speeds based on the system’s needs.

• DIGI+ VRM: A digital power management module that regulates and controls voltage levels, ensuring stable and reliable power delivery to the CPU and other components. It includes advanced functions such as Overcurrent Protection (OCP) and Digital Power Control (DPC).

• Turbo App: An intuitive tool that allows users to customize their system settings for specific applications or tasks. It enables users to set pre-defined profiles of CPU and fan speeds, as well as other parameters, for different applications such as gaming, media streaming, or productivity.

Overall, DIP5 is a comprehensive and powerful suite of utilities that helps users to optimize their system performance and energy efficiency, while also providing advanced monitoring and control options.


1. What is Dual Intelligent Processors 5?
Dual Intelligent Processors 5 is a technology that combines two processors, the TPU (Turbo Processing Unit) and EPU (Energy Processing Unit), to optimize system performance and energy efficiency.

2. What does the TPU do in Dual Intelligent Processors 5?
The TPU (Turbo Processing Unit) is responsible for optimizing system performance by adjusting the clock speeds of the processor and controlling the voltage for stable and reliable operation.

3. What is the function of the EPU in Dual Intelligent Processors 5?
The EPU (Energy Processing Unit) is responsible for managing power consumption by optimizing the voltage output and reducing power usage during periods of low usage.

4. How does Dual Intelligent Processors 5 benefit the user?
Dual Intelligent Processors 5 provides a faster, more efficient, and stable system performance while saving energy, resulting in decreased operating costs and increased productivity.

5. Which ASUS motherboards feature Dual Intelligent Processors 5 technology?
Dual Intelligent Processors 5 technology is featured in many ASUS motherboards, including the Z97-PRO (Wi-Fi ac), Z97-DELUXE (NFC & WLC), Z97-A, Z97-P, and Z97-K, among others.


In summary, Dual Intelligent Processors 5 (DIP5) is a technology developed by ASUS that optimizes PC performance and power consumption. With its ability to monitor and adjust various system settings, DIP5 can enhance the user experience, whether for gaming, productivity, or everyday use. Its features such as TPU, EPU, DIGI+Power Control and Fan Xpert 3 make it a cutting-edge technology that sets ASUS motherboards apart from its competitors. So, if you’re looking for a fast and efficient PC, DIP5 is definitely worth considering.

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