What Is Dcomlaunch Windows 7?

DCOMLaunch is a system process in Windows 7 that is responsible for launching Distributed Component Object Model (DCOM) processes. DCOM is a technology that allows software components to communicate and share resources on a network. DCOM processes can be launched remotely, which means that an application running on one computer can use resources from an application running on another computer. DCOMLaunch is needed to ensure that the necessary DCOM components are running and available to be used by different applications.

The DCOMLaunch process runs as a separate service called “DCOM Server Process Launcher” and is started automatically when the computer boots up. This process is essential for many applications that require network communication and remote resource sharing. However, some users have reported issues with DCOMLaunch consuming excessive CPU or memory usage, causing their systems to slow down or freeze. If you encounter such problems, it is recommended to troubleshoot the issue or seek help from a professional technician to resolve it.

What is DcomLaunch in Windows 7?

DCOM is short for Distributed Component Object Model, which is a technology that allows communication between software components on different computers across a network.

DCOMLaunch is a Windows service that runs in the background and manages the process of launching DCOM servers.

Some important facts about DCOMLaunch on Windows 7 include:

– The service is essential for properly launching and managing DCOM servers on the computer.
– It runs automatically when the computer starts up and is a standard part of Windows 7.
– The service can be managed through the Services manager in the Control Panel or by using the command line.
– DCOMLaunch works in conjunction with other Windows services, such as RPC (Remote Procedure Call) and COM+ (Component Services).
– If there are issues with DCOMLaunch or other related services, it can potentially cause problems with software that relies on DCOM to function properly.
– To prevent security issues, it is important to configure DCOMLaunch and related services with appropriate permissions for accessing network resources and communicating with other computers.

In summary, DCOMLaunch is an important Windows service that helps manage the process of launching and communicating between DCOM servers on a network, and it is essential for proper functioning of some software applications.


1. What is DcomLaunch in Windows 7?
DcomLaunch is a Windows service that allows for distributed COM (Component Object Model) object activation requests to be sent and received.

2. Is DcomLaunch necessary for Windows 7?
Yes, DcomLaunch is a necessary service for Windows 7 as it enables the functioning of other essential system services.

3. Can I disable DcomLaunch in Windows 7?
It is not recommended to disable DcomLaunch in Windows 7 as it can cause significant issues with system functionality.

4. How do I troubleshoot DcomLaunch errors in Windows 7?
You can troubleshoot DcomLaunch errors in Windows 7 by checking the Event Viewer for any related error messages and running a system scan for any possible viruses or malware.

5. What is the role of DcomLaunch in network communication?
DcomLaunch plays a crucial role in network communication by facilitating the distribution and activation of COM objects between different systems on a network.


In summary, DCOMLaunch is an important process that runs in the background of Windows 7. It helps to manage the communication between various software programs and services on your computer. Understanding its role can help you troubleshoot any issues that you may encounter with your system. So next time you come across DCOMLaunch in your Windows 7 task manager, rest assured that it’s working to keep your computer running smoothly.

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