What Is Atheros Boot Agent Asus?

Atheros Boot Agent is a program embedded in computer network adapters that allows remote booting of networked computers. It is a part of Atheros Communications, a company that specializes in developing networking equipment such as wireless LAN chips, routers and gateways. Atheros Boot Agent serves as a crucial tool in networked environments, especially among large organizations that require centralized control over their computer systems.

Asus is a well-known brand that produces a broad range of computer hardware and equipment, including motherboards and network adapters. One of Asus’ netowrk adapter products utilizes Atheros Boot Agent technology. Asus products with Atheros Boot Agent technology enable administrators to save time and resources by managing, monitoring, and configuring network systems remotely. Such technology provides safe and controlled processes that meet the needs of network administrators and computer users alike. With the use of Atheros Boot Agent, Asus’ products bring a reliable approach in remote management of servers and workstations to its users.

What is Atheros Boot Agent Asus?

Atheros Boot Agent is a software program that comes pre-installed on some ASUS motherboards. It is a type of network boot agent that allows a computer to boot using a network connection rather than a local hard drive. Here are some key points to know about Atheros Boot Agent:

– Atheros Boot Agent is developed by Qualcomm Atheros, a company that makes networking equipment and software solutions.
– The boot agent software is integrated into the motherboard’s firmware and activated before the BIOS loads.
– Atheros Boot Agent supports various networking protocols like PXE (Preboot eXecution Environment) and RPL (Remote Program Load), which enable network booting and remote management of devices.
– With Atheros Boot Agent, it is possible to set up a centralized network boot server that can deliver OS images or other programs and scripts to networked computers.
– Network booting can be useful in various scenarios, such as when deploying new operating systems, updating firmware, or recovering a system that has a corrupted local boot device.
– ASUS motherboards that come with Atheros Boot Agent generally have options in the BIOS to enable network booting and configure the boot order.
– However, Atheros Boot Agent may not be available on all ASUS motherboard models or versions, and it may not be the only network boot option offered.
– It is important to note that using network booting can be slower than using a local drive and require a reliable network connection. Also, configuring network booting requires some technical expertise and setup.


1. What is Atheros Boot Agent Asus?
Atheros Boot Agent Asus is a software utility developed by Atheros Communications to allow a network interface card (NIC) to boot from a network server through the Preboot eXecution Environment (PXE) protocol.

2. How do I access Atheros Boot Agent on my Asus motherboard?
To access Atheros Boot Agent on your Asus motherboard, press and hold the “Ctrl” and “S” keys during startup until the “Atheros Boot Agent Configuration Menu” appears.

3. What are the benefits of using Atheros Boot Agent Asus?
The main benefit of using Atheros Boot Agent Asus is that it allows a computer to boot from a network server, which can come in handy in situations where a local hard drive is inaccessible or insufficient. It can also simplify the deployment of operating systems and software across a large number of computers.

4. Can I disable Atheros Boot Agent Asus if I don’t need it?
Yes, you can disable Atheros Boot Agent Asus from within the BIOS settings of your motherboard. Look for the “Boot” section and then disable the “Network Boot” or “PXE Boot” option.

5. Does Atheros Boot Agent Asus require any additional hardware or software?
No, Atheros Boot Agent Asus does not require any additional hardware or software. It is essentially a firmware utility that is embedded in the network interface card (NIC) of your motherboard.


In summary, the Atheros Boot Agent is an interface that allows a computer to boot from a network instead of a local storage device. This feature is particularly helpful in networked environments where remote administration and repair is necessary. ASUS computers are equipped with the Atheros Boot Agent technology, providing users with the flexibility of booting from a network. Overall, this feature adds significant value to ASUS computer products, especially for businesses and organizations that rely heavily on networked computing.

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