What Is Asus Screen Saver?

Asus is a popular brand known for manufacturing various electronics, including laptops and desktop computers. One of the features that comes with these devices is the Asus screen saver. This feature has numerous functions, including preserving your screen’s lifespan, providing an aesthetically pleasing display during idle time, and even preventing screen burn-in.

The Asus screen saver offers a range of options, such as displaying a slideshow of your images, showing animated graphics, and more. The feature is customizable, allowing the user to choose the desired screen saver from a list of options or to upload their preferred image or animation. Using the Asus screen saver is an excellent way to enhance your device’s visual appeal and keep your screen protected while your computer is idle.

What is Asus Screen Saver?

Asus screen saver refers to a program that is designed to display moving images or animations on the screen of an Asus device when it is not in use. It typically comes pre-installed on Asus computers and laptops, but can also be downloaded separately from the official Asus website.

Some key features and benefits of Asus screen saver include:

– Customization options: Users can choose from a range of pre-loaded screen savers or create their own using personal photos and images.

– System resource management: Asus screen saver is designed to be lightweight and not hog system resources, making it a good choice for those who want to conserve battery life and minimize performance impact.

– Protection against screen burn-in: Screen savers were originally designed to prevent screen burn-in (permanent damage caused by prolonged display of the same image on a screen). While modern displays are less prone to burn-in, Asus screen saver still offers this added protection.

– Entertainment and aesthetics: Some users enjoy screen savers simply for their entertainment or aesthetic value. Asus screen saver includes a variety of visually appealing animations and graphics that can be enjoyable to watch.

Overall, Asus screen saver is a useful and user-friendly tool that can enhance the experience of using an Asus device.


1. What is ASUS screen saver and how does it work?
Answer: ASUS screen saver is a program that displays various images and animations on your computer screen when the computer is idle for a certain period of time. It helps to prevent screen burn-in and adds a visual appeal to your computer.

2. Can I customize the images and animations displayed by the ASUS screen saver?
Answer: Yes, you can customize the images and animations displayed by the ASUS screen saver by selecting from a variety of themes and styles. You can also add your own images and set the timing and duration of the screen saver.

3. How do I activate the ASUS screen saver on my computer?
Answer: To activate the ASUS screen saver on your computer, go to the Control Panel, select Appearance and Personalization, then click on Change screen saver. From there, select the ASUS screen saver and customize the settings to your liking.

4. Does ASUS screen saver have any impact on my computer’s performance?
Answer: No, the ASUS screen saver has minimal impact on your computer’s performance as it only activates when the computer is idle. However, if you have a slower computer, it may cause a slight delay when exiting the screen saver.

5. Can I turn off the ASUS screen saver permanently?
Answer: Yes, if you prefer not to use the ASUS screen saver, you can turn it off permanently by going to the Control Panel, selecting Appearance and Personalization, then click on Change screen saver. From there, select ‘None’ as the screen saver option.


In summary, an Asus screen saver is a visual display that appears on your computer screen after a period of inactivity. It is a feature that can be customized to showcase your personal interests, such as photos, artwork, or animations. With the options provided by Asus, you can select the perfect screen saver to fit your preferences and style. So, the next time you step away from your computer, take advantage of the Asus screen saver to keep your screen both visually engaging and protected.

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