What Is Asus Com Service?

ASUS is a multinational computer hardware and electronics company that produces a wide range of products including laptops, desktops, tablets, and smartphones. The ASUS Com Service is a software application that is included with ASUS products.

The ASUS Com Service is an important component of many ASUS products as it provides a variety of system utilities and software updates. This service helps users to keep their ASUS devices up to date and running smoothly. It also allows users to control various system settings and customize their device’s performance to suit their needs. The ASUS Com Service is a valuable tool for anyone who uses an ASUS device, whether they are a casual user or a professional.

What is ASUS.com Service?

Asus com service is a component of the Asus device ecosystem that provides various features and functionality to Asus device users. Some of the key features of Asus com service include:

– Cloud storage: Asus com service offers users a cloud-based storage solution where they can store files, photos, and other media.

– System optimization: Asus com service includes tools for optimizing the performance of Asus devices, helping to keep them running smoothly.

– App management: With Asus com service, users can manage and update the apps installed on their devices, as well as discover new apps that may be of interest.

– Support and troubleshooting: Asus com service provides support and troubleshooting resources for users who encounter issues with their devices.

– Personalization options: Asus com service allows users to customize the look and feel of their devices, including themes, wallpapers, and other customization options.

Overall, Asus com service is a valuable component of the Asus device ecosystem, offering users a range of useful features and functionality that can improve their device experience and help them get the most out of their Asus devices.


1. What is ASUS Com Service?
ASUS Com Service is a software designed by ASUS that is pre-installed on some ASUS laptops and computers. It provides automatic driver updates and alerts for system maintenance.

2. What does ASUS Com Service do?
ASUS Com Service keeps your ASUS computer up-to-date with the latest drivers and firmware. It also provides important alerts for system maintenance, including battery calibration and disk cleanup.

3. How do I install ASUS Com Service?
ASUS Com Service is often pre-installed on ASUS laptops and computers. If it is not installed, you can download it from the ASUS website or through the ASUS Live Update utility.

4. Is ASUS Com Service necessary?
ASUS Com Service is not necessary for the basic operation of your ASUS computer, but it can help ensure optimal performance and prevent issues from arising due to outdated drivers or maintenance neglect.

5. Can I uninstall ASUS Com Service?
Yes, you can uninstall ASUS Com Service if you do not want to use it for driver updates and system maintenance alerts. However, it is recommended that you keep your ASUS computer up-to-date with the latest drivers and maintenance tasks.


Asus.com service is an essential part of providing excellent customer service to Asus users. It offers several functionalities, including product registration, driver and firmware downloads, and technical support. By using Asus.com service, customers can access all the necessary information and tools to maximize the performance of their Asus products. Overall, Asus.com service is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to enjoy the full potential of their Asus products.

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