What Is Address Line 3?

Address Line 3 is a term used to describe the third line of an address written in a postal system. It is a part of the standard format used for writing addresses and contains the details that are necessary for postal service to deliver package or letter to a specific recipient.

In many countries, particularly in the United States, the address line 3 can include additional information that may not be included in the first two lines. This information can be vital for the postal system to efficiently deliver postal mail to the designated recipient. Examples of such information may include the building or apartment number, suite number, floor number, or any other relevant information that specifies the location of the recipient. Understanding the importance of address line 3 is crucial for anyone who wishes to send or receive postal mail, especially when it comes to ensuring that the package reaches its intended recipient.

What is Address Line 3?

Address line 3 is a part of a mailing address. It is an optional field that can be used to include additional information about the address, such as an apartment or suite number or a recipient’s department.

Some common uses for address line 3 include:

– Apartment or suite numbers for multi-unit buildings
– Building or unit names for commercial properties
– Department or division names for businesses or universities
– Floor numbers or room numbers for large buildings
– Additional delivery instructions, such as “leave at front desk” or “use side entrance”

Including information in address line 3 can help ensure that mail or packages are delivered correctly and to the intended recipient. However, it is important to note that not all mailing addresses will have an address line 3, and not all mail carriers or delivery services may use this field.


1. What exactly is Address Line 3?
Address Line 3 is an optional field in an address form that allows the user to include any additional details such as apartment numbers, suite numbers or other specific information not included in Address Line 1 or 2.

2. Is Address Line 3 required on an address form?
No, Address Line 3 is not required on an address form. It is optional and can be left blank if the user does not have any additional information to add.

3. Can I use Address Line 3 for my company name?
No, Address Line 3 is meant to be used for additional information to help better locate your address. It is not designed to be used for company names or any information that should be included in Address Line 1 or 2.

4. What are some examples of information that can be included in Address Line 3?
Examples of information that can be included in Address Line 3 include apartment numbers, suite numbers, floor numbers, building names, or any other specific information not included in Address Line 1 or 2.

5. Can Address Line 3 be used for international addresses?
Yes, Address Line 3 can be used for international addresses. It is important to note that the format of international addresses may vary, so it is always helpful to check with the specific country’s postal service for formatting guidelines.


Understanding the purpose and importance of Address Line 3 can be a significant advantage when it comes to filling out official documentation and forms. By providing additional information about the recipient’s location, Address Line 3 contributes to the accuracy and reliability of the mailing process. Whether you’re working on an online purchase or shipping out an essential package, make sure to use Address Line 3 when applicable to ensure that your mail arrives at its intended destination.

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