How to Have TWO Cursors on One Computer? The Answer is Here

There are a few ways to have two cursors on one computer. One way is to use the Windows Driver Store to install a pair of drivers for your cursor. The other way is to use a utility called MouseMate. MouseMate allows you to control two cursors at the same time.

1: Adjust Your Cursor Size

Having two cursors on one computer is a great way to increase productivity and make multitasking easier. To adjust the size of your cursor, go to the Control Panel, select the Mouse option and then adjust the pointer size.

You can also customize other aspects of your cursor, such as colour and shape. With these simple steps, you can have two cursors on one computer in no time!

2: Install a Third-Party Cursor

Having two cursors on one computer is now possible with the installation of a third-party cursor. This type of cursor allows users to have two separate cursors which can be used for different tasks. Third-party cursors come in a variety of designs and can be installed on a variety of operating systems.

Installing a third-party cursor is relatively simple and should take only a few minutes to complete. This is an ideal solution for those who want to multitask more efficiently or work with their hands tied up.

3: Create a New Position in Windows 10

Windows users may now be able to create a new position for their cursor–literally! With the release of Windows 10, users can now have two cursors on one computer. By downloading the latest operating system version, users can create a virtual dual cursor and use its many advantages.

This feature can provide an easier way to edit documents or type in multiple locations. With these tools, users can make their workflows more efficient and increase productivity.

4: Enable Multi-Cursor Mode in Mac OS X

Mac OS X allows users to enable multi-cursor mode, allowing two different cursors to be used on the same computer. This feature is activated by pressing and holding the Command key and clicking the mouse button. While in this mode, the mouse will move both cursors simultaneously, allowing for more efficient navigation and control over multiple windows and applications.

This is a great tool for users who require more control and efficiency when completing tasks on their computers.

5: Add Multiple Mouse Buttons

Having two cursors on one computer is a surprisingly simple process. Adding multiple mouse buttons allows users to have a separate cursor for each button. This allows for more efficient multitasking, as users no longer constantly switch between cursors.

It also helps reduce strain from continually moving the same cursor across the screen. To add multiple mouse buttons, users can purchase an additional mouse or use software such as X-Mouse Button Control to add additional cursor-controlling functions to their existing mouse.

6: Change the Location of Your Cursors

You no longer need to struggle with having only one cursor on your computer. You can now have two cursors on the same computer by following some simple steps. With this new capability, you can easily change the location of your cursors to make multitasking simpler and faster. Keep reading to learn how to have two cursors on one computer.

7: Use Hot Keys for Cursor Movement

Hotkeys are a great way to move a cursor on a computer quickly. By pressing certain keys on the keyboard, users can easily move two cursors at once with the help of specialized programs. This allows for increased productivity and greater efficiency when manipulating multiple documents simultaneously.

Hotkeys for cursor movement can be found online and should be taken advantage of by anyone looking to use two cursors on one computer.


How do I have two cursors on one computer?

There is no easy answer to this question. You will need to create two separate cursors, one for the primary cursor and one for the secondary cursor.

How do I make my cursor move around on the screen?

There are a few ways to make your cursor move around on the screen. One way is to use a mouse. Another way is to use a keyboard.

How do I make my cursor change color?

There is no one definitive answer to this question. However, some tips on how to change the cursor color might include using a color editor or using a program that allows you to change colors on your computer.


It is easy to have two cursors on one computer using the available software. By following these simple steps, you can have a cursor on your screen that will work with both programs.

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