1 16GB or 2 8GB RAM? Which is better? Explained Here

Rams are the most essential component of any computer. They store everything that is on your computer as well as anything that you open with a program on your computers, such as pictures, videos, and music. In the past two years, there has been a significant decrease in RAM prices, with 16GB being available for less than $100 now. With this price drop being so dramatic, some people have been wondering if it’s time to upgrade to a higher amount of RAM.

What is RAM

RAM stands for Random Access Memory. A computer’s RAM is a memory that is used to store the data that is being used at any given time. A computer’s CPU needs to have a certain amount of RAM to function properly. Without enough RAM, the CPU will begin to slow down as it tries to access the data stored in the RAM.

1 16GB or 2 8GB RAM? Which is better?

It is recommended to purchase two 8GB modules to increase your performance.

When only one module is used, a single slot or bus is used for a 16 GB module, however when two 8GB modules are used in different slots, traffic on a single bus is reduced.

However, in the future, if you intend to upgrade your RAM, you need to purchase an individual 16 GB module.

Dual-channel ram (2 sticks) is theoretically faster than single-channel ram (one stick), but only if the two models are the same. The change is minor, but it can be evident in some circumstances.

The quantity of slots on your motherboard is also something to consider. If your motherboard only has two memory slots, you can use a single stick of RAM.

If your motherboard is equipped with 4 slots, you can upgrade to dual-channel since you’d still have the upgrade path.

However in case you’re a tech expert, it is important to consider how many MHz are in the RAM you purchase. The ram sticks with higher Mhz will cost you more, however, they run more efficiently. It is dependent on whether your CPU can handle the speedier speeds.

You can check online the amount of Mhz of RAM your CPU or motherboard can run, and purchase the most powerful to ensure you achieve the highest speeds.


Are 2 8GB RAM better than 1 16GB?

2 8GB RAM are better than 1 16GB RAM if you are gaming or doing other working that needs fast RAM. You can also put 2 8GB RAM if you need the extra RAM but don’t need that much size when you are doing other projects.

Is 1 16GB RAM enough?

1 16GB RAM is sufficient for most home and office computers. Since the amount of RAM you need depends on your computer, we recommend talking to a sales representative or an expert for help picking out the right product for you.

Is it worth getting 16GB RAM over 8GB?

16GB RAM is sufficient for most people, but if you do a lot of media work or video editing, 16GB is recommended. 8GB is more than enough for basic usage.

Is it better to have 2 sticks of RAM or 1?

There is no definitive answer to this question. It depends on what you are using your computer for and how much RAM you need. If you are using your computer for gaming, then it would be better to have 2 sticks of RAM because games require more RAM than other programs.

What is the difference between 16GB and 8GB RAM?

The primary difference between 16GB and 8GB RAM is the amount of memory that can be installed in a computer. 16GB RAM is capable of storing more data than 8GB RAM, so it will perform tasks faster.

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