Is There A Big Difference Between 3200 And 3600 Ram?

RAM (Random Access Memory) is an essential component of any computer system, responsible for temporarily storing data that the CPU needs to access quickly. When building or updating a PC, selecting the right RAM can have a significant impact on the overall system performance. One common question that arises while selecting RAM is whether there is a big difference between 3200 and 3600 RAM.

Modern-day processors support faster RAM speeds, and with DDR4 standards, 3200 MHz and 3600 MHz have become the most popular options for gamers and performance enthusiasts. While the difference between the two speeds may seem negligible, it can lead to a considerable improvement in system performance. In this article, we will delve deeper into the technicalities of 3200 and 3600 RAM and explain the difference between the two, allowing you to make an informed decision while choosing RAM for your system.

Is There a Big Difference Between 3200 and 3600 RAM?

• RAM stands for Random Access Memory, which is the short-term memory of a computer.
• The number following the RAM type, such as DDR4-3200 or DDR4-3600, refers to the speed of the RAM.
• The higher the number, the faster the RAM can operate.
• Both 3200 and 3600 RAM are commonly used in gaming computers and other high-performance systems.
• There is a small difference in performance between the two, with 3600 RAM being slightly faster than 3200 RAM.
• However, the difference is not large enough to justify the significant price increase that comes with 3600 RAM.
• Therefore, for most users, 3200 RAM provides the best balance between price and performance.
• However, if you are building a high-end gaming machine or performing demanding tasks such as video editing, 3600 RAM may provide a noticeable performance improvement.


1. What is the main difference between 3200 and 3600 RAM?
The main difference between 3200 and 3600 RAM is the clock speed, with 3600 offering faster data transfer rates compared to 3200.

2. Will I notice a significant performance improvement if I upgrade from 3200 to 3600 RAM?
Yes, you should notice a slight improvement in performance when upgrading from 3200 to 3600 RAM, especially in memory-intensive tasks such as gaming or video editing.

3. Is it worth the extra cost to upgrade from 3200 to 3600 RAM?
The answer ultimately depends on your specific needs and budget, but generally, if you frequently engage in memory-intensive tasks, the extra cost of 3600 RAM may be worth it for the improved performance.

4. Can I mix 3200 and 3600 RAM?
Technically, it is possible to mix 3200 and 3600 RAM, but it is not recommended as it can cause stability and compatibility issues. It’s best to use RAM with the same clock speed for optimal performance.

5. Does 3600 RAM work with all motherboards and processors?
No, 3600 RAM may not be compatible with all motherboards and processors. It’s important to check your motherboard and processor specifications to ensure compatibility before purchasing 3600 RAM.


In summary, there is a notable difference between 3200 and 3600 RAM when it comes to performance. While 3200 RAM may be sufficient for basic tasks and gaming, 3600 RAM can provide a significant boost in speed and overall system performance. However, it is important to consider other factors such as CPU and motherboard compatibility before making a decision. Ultimately, investing in higher speed RAM can greatly enhance your computing experience.

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