Is The Amd Fx 8320 Good For Gaming?

The AMD FX 8320 processor has been widely used in gaming rigs for a number of years. Whether it is a good choice for gaming depends on various factors such as budget, game requirements, and personal preferences. While it may not be the most powerful processor on the market, the FX 8320 has some distinct advantages, including its affordability and multi-core design.

In recent years, gamers have become quite demanding in terms of performance, with many games requiring top-notch graphics and processing power. While most high-end gaming rigs opt for Intel processors, the AMD FX 8320 has gained popularity amongst budget-conscious gamers due to its relatively low price point. The octa-core design of this processor allows for better multitasking, which is perfect for gamers who like to run multiple applications while they play. However, the FX 8320 is not without its limitations, and it may not meet the requirements of some of the most demanding games on the market. Overall, the decision to use this processor should be made based on the specific needs and preferences of each individual gamer.

Is the AMD FX 8320 Good for Gaming?

AMD FX 8320 is a CPU that belongs to the legendary AMD FX processor series. This processor came into the market in 2012 and has been popular among gamers for a long time. However, with the launch of Ryzen processors, it has lost its charm, but it still remains a budget-friendly option for gamers with its current price tag.

Here are the possible answers to the question, “Is the AMD FX 8320 good for gaming?” Let’s find out.

• The AMD FX 8320 comes with eight cores and eight threads, which means it can handle multi-threaded applications quite efficiently, including games that are optimized to use multiple threads such as Battlefield V.

• However, individual core performance is not quite up to the mark when you compare it with the latest processors. It runs at a stock clock speed of 3.5GHz, which can be boosted up to 4.0GHz. But, it’s not always necessary that all of the eight cores will operate at the maximum clock speed.

• The processor features the AMD Turbo Core technology that can increase the CPU speed dynamically based on the workload. As a result, the processor can overclock the CPU speed in some cases if you have an adequate cooling system to prevent overheating.

• The absence of an Integrated Graphics Processing Unit (iGPU) on the AMD FX 8320 means that you need a dedicated graphics card for gaming purposes. This processor is compatible with PCIe 3.0 graphics cards, but the presence of older PCIe 2.0 motherboard might bottleneck the graphics card performance.

• The TDP of the AMD FX 8320 is 125 watts, which means it can consume a considerable amount of power. But, for gaming purposes, the power requirement should not be an issue if you have a compatible motherboard and a decent power supply unit.

In conclusion, the AMD FX 8320 is still a viable option for budget-oriented gamers who are looking for a decent gaming experience. However, due to its outdated architecture, it might not provide the best gaming performance on all game titles. So, if you’re looking for a more powerful gaming processor, it’s recommended to opt for the latest Ryzen processors from AMD.


1. Is the AMD FX 8320 a good CPU for gaming?
Answer: The AMD FX 8320 is a decent CPU for gaming, but it may not perform as well as some of its Intel counterparts.

2. How many cores does the AMD FX 8320 have?
Answer: The AMD FX 8320 has eight cores, which can make it a great multitasking CPU.

3. What is the base clock speed of the AMD FX 8320?
Answer: The base clock speed of the AMD FX 8320 is 3.5 GHz.

4. Can the AMD FX 8320 handle modern games?
Answer: Yes, the AMD FX 8320 can handle modern games, but its performance may be lower compared to newer CPUs.

5. Is the AMD FX 8320 suitable for overclocking?
Answer: Yes, the AMD FX 8320 can be overclocked, but it may require additional cooling to prevent overheating.


Overall, the AMD FX 8320 can be a suitable processor for gaming depending on one’s specific needs and preferences. While it may not match up to some of the newer and more powerful CPUs currently available, it can still provide a decent gaming experience for those on a budget. It is important to consider factors such as compatibility with other components in a build, the demands of the games being played, and the individual’s priorities when deciding on a CPU for gaming. Ultimately, the decision on whether or not the AMD FX 8320 is good for gaming will depend on a variety of factors unique to each individual and their gaming setup.

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