Is Pc Part Picker Good?

PC Part Picker is a website that allows users to select components to build a custom PC. It boasts a comprehensive database of PC parts and compatibility filters that ensure every component chosen is compatible with the rest. The website also compares prices from various vendors, allowing users to find the best deals online.

Built by enthusiasts for enthusiasts, PC Part Picker has become a go-to website for anyone looking to build or upgrade their PC. With its simple and user-friendly interface, PC building has never been this easy. In this article, we will explore the features and benefits of using PC Part Picker to determine whether it’s the best tool to use for your next PC build or upgrade.

Is PC Part Picker Good?

PC Part Picker is a website that helps users to build and customize their own computers. It provides a vast inventory of computer components and peripherals, including processors, motherboards, graphics cards, memory, storage devices, cases, power supplies, and cooling systems.

Some of the benefits of using PC Part Picker include:

– Compatibility checking: The website automatically checks if the selected components are compatible with each other, ensuring that the user won’t encounter any issues when assembling the computer.

– Price comparison: PC Part Picker lists the prices of the selected components from various retailers, allowing the user to compare and choose the best deals.

– Build guides and user reviews: The website offers detailed guides on how to build a computer, as well as user reviews and ratings for each component, which can help the user make an informed decision.

– Customization and optimization: PC Part Picker provides various customization options, such as selecting the desired CPU, GPU, RAM, SSD capacity, and case design, as well as offering optimization features that suggest the best components for specific use cases, such as gaming or video editing.

– Sharing and community features: PC Part Picker allows users to share their builds with others and get feedback or advice from the community. Users can also save and modify their builds, export parts lists, and track prices over time.

Overall, PC Part Picker is a reliable and convenient tool for building and customizing a PC, especially for novice users who may not be familiar with the compatibility and optimization requirements of various components. However, it’s always recommended to do research and comparison shopping to ensure that the selected components fit the user’s budget, preferences, and expectations.


1. Is PC Part Picker a reliable source for building a PC?
Answer: Yes, PC Part Picker is a highly reliable and trusted source for finding and selecting PC parts to build a computer.

2. Can I trust the compatibility check feature of PC Part Picker?
Answer: Absolutely. PC Part Picker’s compatibility check feature is one of its strongest offerings, as it ensures that all the parts you select are compatible with each other.

3. Can PC Part Picker help me find the best prices for PC components?
Answer: Yes, PC Part Picker is designed to help you find the best prices for each PC component by listing prices from different retailers and providing links to order online.

4. Does PC Part Picker offer any warranty or technical support for the parts I choose?
Answer: No, PC Part Picker does not offer any warranty or technical support for the parts you choose. However, most individual parts come with their respective warranties and customer support.

5. Is it necessary to create an account on PC Part Picker to use its features?
Answer: No, it is not mandatory to create an account on PC Part Picker to use its features. But, an account will let you save your completed builds and parts lists for future reference.


Overall, PCPartPicker is a great tool for individuals looking to build their own custom PC. With its user-friendly interface and extensive database of components, it makes the process of selecting compatible parts a breeze. Additionally, the platform provides various features to aid users in their search for the most suitable components to fit their budget and preferences. While no tool is perfect, PCPartPicker comes pretty close to it. It has gained a strong reputation in the PC building community, and rightfully so. Whether you are a seasoned builder or a first-timer, PCPartPicker is an excellent resource to help you build your dream PC.

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