How To Tell How Many Watts My Power Supply Is?

Power supply is an essential component of a computer system. It is responsible for delivering electricity to various components of the computer. The power supply unit (PSU) powers up different hardware components such as the motherboard, graphics card, CPU, and storage disks. If you want to upgrade your computer system, you need to know how many watts your power supply can deliver. In this article, we will discuss several ways to tell how many watts your power supply is.

The power supply unit’s wattage is one of the most crucial specifications that you need to consider while building or upgrading your computer system. The wattage of a PSU determines how much power it can deliver to your computer components. Without the right amount of watts, you may not be able to use your computer’s hardware to their full potential or may have to deal with frequent crashes or system failures. Knowing how to tell how many watts your power supply is, will help you to choose the right power supply for your computer needs.

How to Tell How Many Watts My Power Supply Is?

Checking the Wattage of Your Power Supply:

1. Determine the Manufacturer and Model Number of Your Computer: You can usually find this information on a sticker on the side or back of your computer case.

2. Search for the Documentation Online: Once you have the manufacturer and model number, search for the documentation or user manual for your computer. This should tell you the wattage of your power supply.

3. Look at the Power Supply: If you can access your power supply easily, check the label on it. It should have the wattage listed.

4. Use a Power Supply Calculator: You can use an online power supply calculator to estimate the wattage of your power supply. Enter all the components in your computer and the calculator will give you an estimate of the wattage you need.

5. Consult a Professional: If you are unsure about the wattage of your power supply or don’t feel comfortable accessing it, consult a professional technician who can help you determine the wattage of your power supply.


1. What is a power supply in a computer?
A power supply is a component in a computer that converts the alternating current (AC) from a wall outlet to direct current (DC) that the computer’s components can use.

2. How can I tell how many watts my power supply is?
You can check the wattage of your power supply by looking at the label on the side of the unit. The wattage is usually listed as a number followed by “W” for watts.

3. Is it important to know the wattage of my power supply?
Yes, it is important to know the wattage of your power supply because it determines how much power your computer can handle. If you do not have a high enough wattage power supply, your computer may not function properly or could be damaged.

4. What happens if my power supply doesn’t provide enough watts?
If your power supply does not provide enough watts, your computer may experience random shutdowns, BSODs, or other performance issues. Additionally, if you try to run too many components on an underpowered power supply, it could cause permanent damage to your computer hardware.

5. Can I upgrade my power supply to one with higher wattage?
Yes, you can upgrade your power supply to one with a higher wattage, but you will need to make sure it is compatible with your current computer components. Additionally, you may want to consider upgrading your cooling system to handle the increased power load.


Deducing the wattage of a power supply is crucial when upgrading or building a computer. Fortunately, there are various ways to determine the wattage of your power supply, such as checking the label, using a wattage meter, or consulting the manufacturer’s website. Always ensure that the power supply you get is enough to meet your computer’s power demands to prevent issues that may damage your hardware. Being aware of your power supply’s wattage ensures a stable and reliable computer system.

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