How To Take A Screenshot On Ps3?

Taking a screenshot on a PlayStation 3 can be a useful tool for gamers who want to preserve their favorite moments while playing their favorite games. Taking a screenshot on a PS3 is simple and can help you share your gaming accomplishments with friends and family.

To take a screenshot on a PS3, you need to have a camera, a USB cable, and a PlayStation Network account. Once you have all the necessary materials, you can capture images while you play games, and share them easily with your friends on social media platforms. In this article, we will guide you through the step-by-step process of taking screenshots on your PS3.

How to take a screenshot on PS3?

To take a screenshot on PS3, follow these steps:

1. Make sure your PS3 is turned on and your game or app is running where you want to take a screenshot.

2. Press and hold the “PS” button on your controller to bring up the quick menu.

3. Scroll down to the “Photo” menu option and select it.

4. You will be prompted to save your current gameplay progress before continuing. Choose “Save and Take Screenshot” or “Take Screenshot” depending on your preference.

5. Your screenshot will be saved to your PS3’s hard drive. You can access it later by going to the Photo menu on the main PS3 menu.

6. If you want to share your screenshot online, you can copy it to a USB drive or upload it directly to social media from your PS3.


1. What is the easiest way to take a screenshot on PS3?
Answer: Press and hold the PS button and the Start button at the same time. The screen will flash and the screenshot will be saved in the Photo gallery.

2. Can I take a screenshot of a game in progress on my PS3?
Answer: Yes, you can take a screenshot of any game on your PS3 by using the PS button and Start button combination.

3. Do I need a special accessory to take a screenshot on my PS3?
Answer: No, you do not need a special accessory to take a screenshot on your PS3. The built-in feature allows you to capture screenshots easily.

4. Where can I find my saved screenshots on my PS3?
Answer: Your saved screenshots can be found in the Photo gallery, which is located in the main menu of your PS3.

5. Can I share my screenshots with friends through social media?
Answer: Yes, you can share your screenshots with friends through social media by copying your screenshots to a USB drive and transferring them to your computer or mobile device. From there, you can post your screenshots on social media platforms.


There you have it, taking a screenshot on PS3 is a simple process that you can do in a few steps. Whether you want to capture a moment in your favorite game or share your achievements with your friends online, now you know how to do it with ease. Just remember to follow the steps we outlined, and you’ll be taking screenshots on PS3 like a pro in no time. Happy gaming!

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