How To Install Samsung 850 Evo Ssd?

Are you looking to upgrade your computer’s storage capabilities and boost its performance? Consider installing a Samsung 850 EVO SSD. It is a high-speed and reliable solid-state drive that can significantly improve your system’s speed and response time. This guide will walk you through the steps of installing a Samsung 850 EVO SSD, from receiving the package to booting up your computer with the new drive.

Before proceeding with the installation, ensure that you have all the necessary tools and equipment, including a screwdriver, your computer’s user manual, and the Samsung 850 EVO SSD. You may also need an external drive with cloning software if you want to transfer the data from your old drive onto the new SSD. With proper preparation and a bit of patience, you can easily install the Samsung 850 EVO SSD and start experiencing faster system performance.

How to Install Samsung 850 EVO SSD?

Samsung 850 EVO SSD is a solid-state drive that provides high-speed storage for your computer or laptop. If you have decided to upgrade from your traditional hard disk drive to an SSD, Samsung 850 EVO is a great option. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to install Samsung 850 EVO SSD:

Before installation:
– Back up all your important files and data on an external drive or cloud storage as you will need to reinstall your operating system.
– Turn off your computer and disconnect all cables, including the power cable.


1. Open your computer case
2. Identify the SATA cables, which are usually red for data and black/yellow for power.
3. Look for an empty SATA port on your motherboard. Note that this port should support SATA III to leverage the full speed of Samsung SSD 850 EVO.
4. Take the Samsung 850 EVO SSD and remove the label.
5. Align the SSD with the empty SATA port on the motherboard and insert it.
6. Secure the SSD with screws. Note that your computer manual will guide you on where to place the screws.
7. Use the SATA power cable, which usually comes from your power supply, to connect the SSD to a power source.
8. Connect a SATA cable to the SSD’s SATA port.
9. Connect the other end of the SATA cable to an available SATA port on the motherboard.
10. Finally, close your PC case and connect all cables, including the power cable.

1. Power on your computer.
2. Access your BIOS settings by pressing the F2, F10, or Del key depending on your computer brand.
3. Navigate to the boot menu, select the SSD as the primary boot drive, and save changes.
4. Reinstall your operating system or migrate your data to the SSD.
5. Install the Samsung Magician software to optimize and manage your SSD.

In conclusion, installing Samsung 850 EVO SSD on your computer is a simple process that requires basic knowledge of computer hardware. Follow the above steps, and you will enjoy faster boot time, improved system performance, and reliability.


1. What tools do I need to install Samsung 850 EVO SSD?
Answer: You will need a screwdriver, SATA cable, SATA power cable (if required), and a drive bay adapter if your PC doesn’t have a 2.5-inch drive bay.

2. Do I need to clone my existing hard drive before installing Samsung 850 EVO SSD?
Answer: It is recommended to clone your current hard drive onto the Samsung 850 EVO SSD to avoid data loss and to transfer your OS and software to the new drive.

3. How do I physically install Samsung 850 EVO SSD?
Answer: First, locate the compatible drive bay in your PC. Remove the existing drive if needed and screw the Samsung 850 EVO SSD into the bay. Connect the SATA and power cables, and boot up your PC.

4. Do I need to change any BIOS settings after installing Samsung 850 EVO SSD?
Answer: You may need to change the boot order in your system BIOS to make sure your PC boots from the new Samsung 850 EVO SSD instead of the old hard drive. Refer to your motherboard manual for instructions.

5. How do I format Samsung 850 EVO SSD after installation?
Answer: You can format the Samsung 850 EVO SSD through the Disk Management utility in Windows. Right-click on the drive and select “Format,” then follow the prompts.


In summary, installing a Samsung 850 EVO SSD requires a few simple steps, but it can vastly improve your computer’s performance. By following the instructions provided by Samsung, you can easily install the SSD yourself and enjoy quick boot times, faster file transfers, and smoother overall performance. With a little bit of effort, you can make a significant upgrade to your computer and enjoy the benefits of a new SSD.

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