How To Delete Hidden Files On Usb?

In today’s digital age, USB devices have become an integral part of our everyday lives. They provide us with a portable option to store, transfer, and share important data. However, in some cases, hidden files might be stored on the USB drive, occupying valuable storage space. These files are usually system files or other sensitive data that the operating system hides by default to prevent accidental deletion. But if you need to free up space on your USB or want to delete any sensitive files, you need to know how to remove hidden files.

Removing hidden files from a USB drive is a simple process, but it requires some technical know-how. In this article, we will walk you through the step-by-step process of deleting hidden files from your USB drive. Whether you’re using Windows or Mac operating systems, this guide will demonstrate the easiest way to remove hidden files and free up storage space on your USB. By the end of this article, you will be able to clean up your USB and get rid of unwanted hidden files.

How to Delete Hidden Files on USB?

Hidden files on a USB drive are files that do not show up when the drive is opened in File Explorer. These files are often created by viruses or malware and can be harmful to the computer when plugged in. Deleting these files is necessary to secure your computer.

Here are a few steps to delete hidden files on a USB drive:

1. Plug the USB drive into the computer.

2. Open the File Explorer and navigate to the USB drive.

3. Click on the “View” tab at the top of the window.

4. Check the “Hidden items” box in the “Show/hide” section to view hidden files.

5. Select the hidden files that you want to delete.

6. Right-click on the selected files and choose “Delete”.

7. Confirm the deletion by clicking “Yes” in the confirmation dialog box.

8. Empty the Recycle Bin to permanently delete the files.

Additionally, you can use command prompt to delete hidden files on a USB drive by following these steps:

1. Open the command prompt by typing “cmd” in the Windows search bar and selecting “Command Prompt”.

2. Type the command “attrib -s -h -r /s /d G:\*.*” (replace “G” with the drive letter of your USB drive) and press Enter.

3. This will unhide all files on the USB drive, and now you can select and delete the hidden files as usual.

4. Once you have deleted all hidden files, use the command prompt to re-hide the remaining files by typing the command “attrib +s +h +r /s /d G:\*.*” and press Enter.

By following these steps, you can delete hidden files on a USB drive and protect your computer from harmful viruses and malware.


1. What are hidden files on USB? Hidden files on USB are files that are not visible in the regular file explorer. These files are often system files or files that are intentionally hidden by the user for security or privacy reasons.

2. Why should I delete hidden files on USB? Hidden files can take up valuable space on your USB drive and can potentially contain sensitive information that you no longer need. Deleting these files can free up space and help protect your privacy.

3. How do I access hidden files on USB? To access hidden files on USB, you need to enable the “Show hidden files and folders” option in the Folder Options settings on your computer.

4. How do I delete hidden files on USB? To delete hidden files on USB, first access the USB drive on your computer, enable the “Show hidden files and folders” option, and then locate the hidden files you want to delete. Select the files and delete them like any other file on your USB drive.

5. Can I recover deleted hidden files on USB? It is possible to recover deleted hidden files on USB using data recovery software. However, it is important to note that the success of recovering the files may vary and it is always best to back up important files before deleting them.


In conclusion, removing hidden files from a USB drive is an essential task for ensuring the privacy and security of your data. With the help of the above-mentioned methods, you can easily identify and delete all the hidden files from your USB. By taking these simple steps, you can be confident that your files remain secure and free from any unwanted encroachments. So, next time you want to clean up your USB drive, be sure to use these methods and keep your data safe and secure.

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