How To Connect 2 Computers To 1 Printer?

In today’s world, computers and printers are an indispensable part of our daily lives. The need to print documents from different computers to a single printer is a common problem faced by many households and offices. Fortunately, connecting two computers to one printer is a relatively simple process that can be accomplished by following some easy steps.

To ensure that both computers can print to the same printer, you will need to establish a physical connection between the two devices. This can be done by connecting the printer to a network, installing a print server, or using a USB switch. With the correct setup, you can effortlessly print from both computers without having to switch USB cables or change printer settings. In this article, we will discuss the various methods for connecting two computers to one printer and provide step-by-step instructions for each method.

How to Connect 2 Computers to 1 Printer?

Connecting two computers to one printer can be done in different ways depending on the type of printer and the network environment. Here are some steps to follow:

1. Check the printer connectivity options: Determine if the printer has USB, Ethernet, or Wi-Fi connectivity options. If the printer has only USB connectivity, you need a USB hub to connect multiple computers.

2. Connect the printer to the network: If the printer has Ethernet or Wi-Fi connectivity, connect it to the same network as both computers.

3. Install the printer driver: Install the printer driver on each computer by downloading it from the printer manufacturer’s website or using the installation CD that came with the printer.

4. Add the printer to each computer: Go to the ‘Devices and Printers’ settings on each computer and click on ‘Add a printer.’ Follow the instructions to find the shared printer on the network and install it.

5. Test the printer: Test the printer by printing a document or image from each computer to ensure the connection is working correctly.

Additional tips:

– Some printers have built-in software that enables them to be used as a network printer, so check the printer manual for instructions.
– If the printer is connected to one computer and needs to be shared with the other, turn on ‘printer sharing’ on the computer the printer is connected to, and enable printer discovery on the other.
– If you have a wireless printer, you can use the Wi-Fi Direct feature to connect the printer directly to each computer without a network.


1) Q: How do I connect two computers to one printer?

A: You can connect two computers to one printer by using a USB switch, network sharing, or purchasing a printer with built-in network capabilities.

2) Q: What is a USB switch, and how do I use it to connect two computers to one printer?

A: A USB switch is a device that allows multiple computers to share one USB printer. Simply connect the USB switch to both computers and the printer, and then switch between computers to print.

3) Q: Can I connect two computers to one printer over a wireless network?

A: Yes, you can use network sharing to connect two computers to one printer over a wireless network. Just enable printer sharing on the computer that is connected to the printer, and then add the printer to the other computer by searching for available network printers.

4) Q: Do I need any special software to connect two computers to one printer?

A: It depends on how you are connecting the computers to the printer. If you are using a USB switch or connecting through a network, you may need to install appropriate drivers or software on each computer. If the printer has built-in network capabilities, you may not need any additional software.

5) Q: Is it possible to simultaneously print from both computers connected to one printer?

A: No, it is not possible to simultaneously print from both computers connected to one printer. The printer can only handle one print job at a time. However, you can queue up print jobs from both computers, and they will print out in the order they were received.


Connecting two computers to one printer is a simple process that requires a few steps. By using a print server, network sharing, or a USB switch, you can easily access your printer from different devices and enjoy the convenience of printing from multiple computers. Make sure to choose the right method that suits your needs and follow the instructions carefully. With these tips, you can save time and money by sharing a printer between two computers and avoid the hassle of moving files between devices.

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