How To Clear Memory On Galaxy S5?

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is a popular smartphone that offers numerous features and functionalities. However, with time, your device’s memory can become cluttered with unused apps, cached data, and other temporary files. This can lead to a slowdown in the device’s performance and lower storage capacity. Therefore, it’s important to clear your device’s memory regularly.

In this article, we will discuss the various methods that can help you clear the memory on your Galaxy S5 smartphone. We’ve outlined step-by-step instructions for each method, making it easy for you to follow along and free up the memory on your device. Whether you have limited storage space or your phone is running slow, these steps will help you optimize the performance of your device and free up space for new apps and files. So, let’s get started!

How to Clear Memory on Galaxy S5?

Clearing memory on a Galaxy S5 is essential as it helps optimize the performance of the device. The following steps will guide you on how to clear the memory on your Galaxy S5:

• Close all running apps on your device by pressing the left button on the lower part of the phone, and you will see the open apps. Swipe each app to close them one by one.

• Disable or uninstall unused apps from your device as they consume RAM and storage space.

• Clear cache partitions by booting the device in recovery mode, select Wipe Cache Partition, and follow the on-screen instructions.

• Clear the data stored in the RAM by restarting the device regularly.

• Disable automatic app updates as they take up storage space and RAM every time they update.

• Clearing browsing history regularly helps in freeing up storage and RAM on the device.

• Use an app manager to clean up your device by deleting unnecessary data, unwanted apps, files, and folders.

By following the steps mentioned above, you can clear the memory on your Galaxy S5, ensuring a smooth and optimized performance of your device.


1. What is the easiest way to clear memory on Galaxy S5?
Answer: The easiest way to clear memory on Galaxy S5 is by using the built-in memory cleaner. Simply go to Settings > Storage > Cached data and tap on “OK” to clear the cache.

2. What is the difference between clearing cache and clearing data on Galaxy S5?
Answer: Clearing cache removes temporary files that are stored to improve the performance of the app, while clearing data completely removes all the app’s data including login information, settings, and preferences.

3. How do I clear the RAM on Galaxy S5?
Answer: You can clear RAM on Galaxy S5 by going to Settings > Application manager > Running apps. From here, you can select the apps that you want to close and tap on “Stop” to free up RAM.

4. Does clear memory on Galaxy S5 delete photos and videos?
Answer: No, clearing memory on Galaxy S5 only removes temporary files and cache data. It will not delete any photos or videos on your device.

5. How often should I clear the memory on Galaxy S5?
Answer: It is recommended to clear the memory on Galaxy S5 at least once a week to maintain optimal performance of your device. However, this may vary depending on your usage and the number of apps installed on your device.


Clearing memory on your Galaxy S5 is an easy and effective way to boost the performance of your device. By following the simple steps outlined in this guide, you can safely clear unwanted files and improve the speed and efficiency of your phone. Make sure to regularly clear your device’s memory to keep it running smoothly and avoid frustrating lag. With a little bit of regular maintenance, you can enjoy a consistently fast and reliable smartphone experience on your Galaxy S5.

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