How to Check PSU Wattage Without Opening Computer – Easiest Way

If you are unsure of your power supply’s wattage, or if you want to check it without opening your computer, there are a few methods that you can use. In this article, you will get the answer about how you can check PSU wattage without opening your computer.

Check PSU Wattage Without Opening Computer With These Simple Methods

Method 1 – One of the simplest ways to check is to use a power meter. Plug the meter into an outlet and turn on the power source you want to measure. The power meter will then display the wattage of the source.

Method 2 – Another method that you can use to determine the wattage of your power supply is to use a multimeter. 

This is a very simple device that can measure wattage and voltage. You can plug the multimeter into an outlet and plug the power supply into the multimeter. 

Then you can measure the voltage and wattage of the power supply.

Tips: When you are buying a power supply, you should be sure that you are buying a power supply rated at the wattage you need.

What is The Difference Between Watts and AMPS?

A watt (W) is the amount of power used to heat one kilogram of water one degree Celsius.

An amp (A) is the number of watts that can be delivered through the electric current in the wires of a home.

For example, if the house uses 1000 W and the meter measures 15 A, the total energy required to heat the house is 15 x 1000 W = 15,000 W. The house has a heater, which heats water and generates 1000 W. That is the equivalent of 15,000 W.

But, when you plug in a new light bulb, a fan, or even a kettle, you don’t know how many watts it will use. It’s a guess. Most appliances have a maximum rating. You would not buy a kettle with a 2000 W rating.

How Many Amps Does a Computer Use?

A computer uses anywhere from 4 to 12 watts of power. Your computer’s performance will depend on how powerful it is. If you have a laptop, you should know that it uses anywhere from 4 to 8 watts of power. If you have a desktop computer, it will use anywhere from 6 to 12 watts of power. If you have a very old or very new computer, you should know that it will use a lot more power than the average computer.

What Does the Power Supply Wattage Mean?

The power supply wattage means how much power a device or computer needs. A higher wattage device will use a greater amount of power than a lower wattage device. It is also important to know the voltage of the power supply. The power supply voltage is the amount of electricity needed to operate the device or computer. A lower voltage is better because it is less expensive to run the device or computer. It is also easier to find the correct power supply for your device or computer.


How many watts does a computer use?

A typical desktop computer uses about 100 watts. A laptop computer uses about 30 watts, and a tablet uses about 5 watts.

Can I use a lower wattage power supply if the computer doesn’t require high power?

Yes, but be warned that the computer may not perform as well due to less heat being dissipated by the computer.

Should I consider replacing my power supply?

No. If your power supply is in good condition, it will not cause any problems with your computer, and it will last you a long time.

In conclusion, if your computer is not powering on, the first step would be to check the power supply by checking the wattage. If you still have issues powering on your computer, you may need to take it to a professional for further troubleshooting. Always make sure to have a backup plan if things go wrong, and remember to stay safe when trying to fix your computer.

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