5 Ways to Solve Ethernet Cable Not Working but WiFi Is

Cables are notorious for not working. When it comes to Ethernet cables, the issue may stem from your cable modem or your device. For wireless, you could have a faulty WiFi card in your computer or another device. The good news is there are solutions for both! Here are five ways to solve Ethernet cable not working but WiFi is.

Check the cable modem

If the Ethernet cable is not working but your wireless connection is, it may be time to check your cable modem. That device is typically the root of the issue with this type of problem. First, try resetting your cable modem by unplugging it for 30 seconds and plugging it back in. If that doesn’t work, you may need to replace the cable modem entirely.

Ethernet Cable Not Working but WiFi Is

Try switching cables

If you’re using a laptop and the WiFi is working but the Ethernet cable is not, try switching cables. If you’re using a desktop and the Ethernet cable is not working but the WiFi is, switch cables. If this fixes the issue, you know it’s your device and not your ISP or Internet connection.

Check the WiFi signal strength

If your WiFi is not working, it’s important to check the signal strength. If you’re not getting a strong enough signal, then your WiFi connection will be weak or nonexistent. You can find out how strong your WiFi signal is by opening up a command prompt and typing in “ipconfig.” From there, you’ll be able to see the wireless network properties for your computer–including the signal strength.

Update your device driver

If you’re experiencing internet connection issues, it’s important to make sure your device driver is up-to-date. A device driver is a piece of software that enables your computer or another device to communicate with the hardware with which it is interfacing. If you’re using an Ethernet cable and it’s not working, try updating your driver before doing anything else.

Troubleshoot your wireless card

Wireless connections can be finicky. One way to troubleshoot a wireless card is to turn it off and then back on again. You can also check to see if your computer or device is too far away from the router. If that’s the case, try moving it closer to the router.

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