Ethernet Cable Not Lighting Up? Here Is The Solution!

Have you ever been frustrated that your Ethernet cable is not lighting up? What do you do? You might have a faulty cable, or the port on your router might be bad. Whatever it is, there is a solution! Here are some things to check for when your Ethernet cable isn’t lighting up.

Does your cable light up?

First, make sure your Ethernet cable is lit up. Is the light on the end of the Ethernet cable lit up? If not, then try to power it up by plugging it into the wall. If that doesn’t work, then you may need to replace your Ethernet cable.

Ethernet Cable Not Lighting Up

Check the port on your router

The port on your router might be bad. Check with all of the cables to make sure they are plugged incorrectly, and if they are, you might need to replace your Ethernet cable or your router.

Check the cable for damage

The Ethernet cable might be broken or kinked. If you can’t see any problems with the cable, it could be because the Ethernet port on your router is broken.

Is the light on your computer on?

Check to see if the light on your computer is on. If the light on your computer is on, then it means that there is power to the port and you can move on to checking other devices.

Is there a power surge or outage?

If there is a power surge or outage, your Ethernet cable may not be lighting up. This is because the power may have cut out and you need to wait for the power to come back before using your Ethernet cable.


If you are running into any of these issues with your Ethernet cable not lighting up, there is a solution!

All of these issues can be resolved with a quick fix, so don’t get frustrated. The first step is to check the port on the router. If it looks like there is something jammed in there, you will need to contact your provider or use another port. Next, check for any damage to the cable. If there is any damage, you will need to replace the cable immediately. Check your computer to see if it is on and if there is some other issue with the connection. Finally, check for power surges or outages in your area. These can disrupt how your cable works and can be fixed by simply resetting your cable box.

With all of these quick fixes, feel confident that you can get your cable to work!

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