Does Windowed Full Screen Lower Fps?

Full screen mode is a popular display setting in video games that enhances the overall gaming experience. It allows games to fully utilize your computer’s resources and provides a smooth and immersive gaming experience. However, some games offer the option of windowed full screen mode, which raises the question of whether it has any effect on the game’s performance.

Windowed full screen is a windowed mode that extends the game window to fill the entire screen. It allows gamers to multitask, easily switch between applications and games, and access desktop applications without having to minimize the game. But, does this mode have a negative impact on frame rate or not? This issue has been a topic of discussion among gamers for quite some time, and in this article, we will discuss whether windowed full screen mode decreases the game’s frame rate or not.

Does Windowed Full Screen Lower FPS?

Windowed full screen mode, also known as borderless window mode, allows the user to have the benefits of both full screen and windowed mode simultaneously by displaying the game in a maximized window without the borders. However, there has been a debate on whether this mode can lower game performance, particularly in terms of FPS (Frames Per Second).

Here are some points to consider:

– Windowed full screen mode typically requires more resources compared to either full screen or windowed mode alone. This is because the operating system needs to manage the GUI elements of the desktop environment while also rendering the full-screen window.
– Depending on the game and the configuration of the computer, using windowed full screen mode may cause a slight decrease in FPS. This is because some resources that could be dedicated to the game engine are instead being used to manage the desktop environment.
– The difference in FPS may not be noticeable for some users, while others may experience a significant decrease in performance. This can depend on the hardware specifications of their computer, as well as the specific game they are playing.
– Some games may also have issues with windowed full screen mode, such as stuttering or input lag. This again varies depending on the game’s compatibility with the mode itself.

Overall, whether or not windowed full screen mode will lower FPS ultimately depends on the specific setup of the computer and the game being played. Some users may find that the slight loss in performance is worth the added benefits of windowed full screen mode, such as the ability to quickly access other programs or windows without having to minimize the game. However, for others, it may be more beneficial to stick with either full screen or windowed mode depending on the situation.


1. Question: Does enabling windowed full screen mode lower FPS on my computer?
Answer: Enabling windowed full screen mode may slightly lower FPS compared to exclusive full screen mode, but the difference in performance is typically minimal.

2. Question: Can I adjust my settings to optimize windowed full screen mode for higher FPS?
Answer: Yes, you can adjust your graphics settings, update drivers, and close other programs running in the background to optimize windowed full screen mode and potentially achieve higher FPS.

3. Question: Will the impact on FPS vary depending on my computer hardware?
Answer: Yes, the impact on FPS may vary depending on your computer’s specifications, such as the CPU, graphics card, and amount of RAM.

4. Question: Are there any advantages to using windowed full screen mode despite the potential FPS impact?
Answer: Yes, windowed full screen mode allows for easier multitasking and smoother transitions between multiple open windows or applications.

5. Question: Is there a way to measure my FPS performance in windowed full screen mode?
Answer: Yes, there are various FPS monitoring tools available online, such as Fraps and MSI Afterburner, that can measure your FPS in windowed full screen mode and other display modes.


To sum up, windowed full screen mode may indeed lower your FPS compared to regular full screen mode. However, the difference in performance can vary depending on your computer’s hardware and software configurations. If you experience a significant drop in FPS while using windowed full screen mode, swapping to regular full screen mode could potentially give you a better gaming experience. Therefore, it’s always best to experiment with both modes and see what works best for your individual setup.

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