Does Torchlight 2 Have Controller Support?

In the world of gaming, the use of a controller has become a popular choice for gamers who enjoy playing on the PC. Many games have now implemented this feature, allowing gamers to enjoy the game using their favorite controller. Torchlight 2 is a popular RPG game developed by Runic Games. The game offers a mythical world filled with different races, dungeons to explore, and a loot-based system. However, the question remains, does Torchlight 2 support game controllers?

As gamers, comfort is of utmost importance, and playing with a controller can provide just that. Torchlight 2 was primarily designed for the Keyboard and mouse, and there was no initial support for game controllers. However, after some time, the developers released an update that allows gamers to use their game controller. Playing Torchlight 2 with a controller provides a much greater experience and helps to eliminate the feeling of being restricted to the Keyboard and Mouse. It’s great that the developers have recognized the need for game controller support and have implemented it.

Does Torchlight 2 Have Controller Support?

Yes, Torchlight 2 has controller support which enables players to use various gamepads or controllers to play the game on PC.

Here are some explanations and points to consider:

– Torchlight 2 was originally designed for PC and supported keyboard and mouse controls, but it was later updated to include gamepad or controller support to improve the gaming experience for players who prefer using these devices.
– The controller support for Torchlight 2 allows players to customize the buttons and sensitivity settings of their gamepad to suit their preferences, making it easier to navigate the game world and engage in combat.
– In addition to the standard console controllers like Xbox and PlayStation controllers, Torchlight 2 also supports various third-party gamepads for PC gaming.
– The controller support feature is available for both single-player and multiplayer modes of the game, enabling friends to connect and play together on a shared screen or remotely.
– Players might need to adjust settings or download and install drivers for their controller to work with Torchlight 2, depending on their device and operating system.
– It’s worth noting that while controller support is available for Torchlight 2, some players might still prefer to play the game using keyboard and mouse controls, especially for games with advanced weapon and spell management or strategy elements. Therefore, it’s important to test and find the most comfortable and suitable way to play Torchlight 2.


1. Does Torchlight 2 have controller support?
Yes, Torchlight 2 has full controller support for both Xbox and PlayStation controllers.

2. Can I use my Xbox controller to play Torchlight 2 on PC?
Yes, Xbox controllers are fully supported on PC for Torchlight 2.

3. Is it possible to use a PlayStation controller to play Torchlight 2 on PC?
Yes, PlayStation controllers are also fully supported on PC for Torchlight 2.

4. Can I customize the controller layout for Torchlight 2?
Yes, Torchlight 2 allows customizable controller layouts, which can be adjusted to personal preferences.

5. What are the advantages of using a controller to play Torchlight 2?
Using a controller can offer a more immersive and comfortable gameplay experience, especially for players who prefer gaming on a console rather than a keyboard and mouse. Additionally, controllers allow for more precise movement and combat in the game.


Overall, it can be said that Torchlight 2 does indeed have support for controllers. Players who are more comfortable with using a controller can easily switch over to this mode and enjoy the game just as much. The controller support might not be perfect, but it does provide a viable option for those who prefer it. Ultimately, the decision to use a controller or a keyboard and mouse setup ultimately comes down to personal preference. Nevertheless, the option is there if players want it.

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