Does The Samsung Curved Monitor Have Speakers?

Samsung is a household name in the world of electronics and for years, the company has been at the forefront of technological advancements. One of their latest releases is the Samsung curved monitor, a stunning display that boasts of ultra HD resolution and immersive picture quality. Being a high-performance monitor, many people often wonder if it comes with built-in speakers or if an external speaker is needed for an enhanced audio experience.

To answer the question, Samsung curved monitors have built-in speakers that offer adequate sound quality for everyday use. The speakers are hidden at the bottom of the monitor, providing more screen space and a sleek design. However, for audiophiles or anyone looking for an even richer audio experience, it is advisable to invest in an external speaker system to complement the built-in ones. With the enhanced audio quality, you can fully immerse yourself in whatever game, video or music you’re watching on your Samsung curved monitor.

Does the Samsung Curved Monitor Have Speakers?

Yes, the Samsung curved monitors do have speakers built-in. Here are some key points to understand:

– Samsung offers a range of curved monitors with different screen sizes, resolutions, and features. Some of their most popular models include the Samsung CJ89, CRG9, and C32F391FW.
– Most of these monitors come equipped with dual 5-watt stereo speakers that provide decent sound quality for basic multimedia use. However, they may not be sufficient for users who require more powerful or immersive audio.
– The speakers are typically located at the back of the monitor, near the bottom, and may be hard to access or adjust.
– Some Samsung curved monitors also offer additional audio-related features, such as audio output ports (like HDMI or headphone jacks) or built-in equalizer settings. These can help users to connect external speakers or headphones, or tailor the sound to their preference.
– It’s worth noting that the quality and performance of the speakers on a Samsung curved monitor will depend on various factors, such as the model, room acoustics, and volume levels. Users may want to test and adjust the settings to achieve optimal results.


1. Question: Does the Samsung curved monitor come with built-in speakers?

Answer: Yes, most of the Samsung curved monitors have built-in speakers.

2. Question: Are the speakers on Samsung curved monitors powerful enough for a good audio experience?

Answer: The audio quality and loudness of built-in speakers on Samsung curved monitors vary based on the model. However, they are generally good enough for basic audio needs.

3. Question: Can I connect external speakers to a Samsung curved monitor if I need better sound quality?

Answer: Yes, you can easily connect external speakers to Samsung curved monitors. The monitors usually have an audio output port that you can use to connect external speakers.

4. Question: Are the speakers on Samsung curved monitors adjustable or directional?

Answer: The speakers on Samsung curved monitors are usually built into the back of the monitor and are not adjustable or directional.

5. Question: Do all Samsung curved monitors have speakers?

Answer: No, not all Samsung curved monitors have built-in speakers. Some models are designed specifically for gaming or high-end graphics work and do not come with built-in speakers.


In summary, the Samsung curved monitor does come with built-in speakers, providing convenience and eliminating the need for additional audio equipment. This feature enhances the overall display experience and makes it a versatile choice for both work and entertainment purposes. So, whether you’re watching movies, playing games, or simply multitasking, the Samsung curved monitor delivers excellent audio and visuals. So, if you’re considering purchasing this monitor, you can rest assured that you’ll be getting a premium product that satisfies both your audio and visual needs.

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