Does The M.2 Screw Come With The Motherboard?

M.2 solid-state drives (SSDs) have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their faster read and write speeds and small form factor. However, one question that comes up for many people who are building their own PC or upgrading their existing one is whether the M.2 screw comes with the motherboard. This is an important question as the M.2 screw is needed to attach the M.2 SSD to the motherboard.

To answer the question, it depends on the motherboard manufacturer. Some motherboards do come with the M.2 screw included in the packaging. However, not all motherboard manufacturers include it, and it is important to make sure you have one before attempting to install an M.2 SSD. In this article, we will discuss which motherboard manufacturers typically include the M.2 screw and what to do if your motherboard does not come with one.

Does the M.2 Screw Come with the Motherboard?

The M.2 screw is a small screw used for securing M.2 SSDs to the motherboard. Here are some important points to note about M.2 screws and their relationship to motherboards:

– Some motherboards come with an M.2 screw pre-installed, while others do not.
– If your motherboard does not come with an M.2 screw, you may need to purchase one separately either from the motherboard manufacturer or from another source.
– M.2 screws are typically very small and can be easy to misplace if not stored properly.
– It’s important to use the correct size and type of screw for your particular M.2 drive and motherboard to ensure a secure fit and proper functioning.
– Some M.2 drives come with their own screw, but it’s still important to check if your motherboard requires a specific type or size of screw.
– It’s a good idea to double-check your motherboard manual or manufacturer’s website to confirm whether an M.2 screw is included and what type is needed.


1. Is the M.2 screw included with the motherboard?
Answer: It depends on the motherboard. Some manufacturers include the M.2 screw with their motherboards, while others may not.

2. Can I use any M.2 screw for my motherboard?
Answer: It’s recommended to use the screw that comes with your motherboard to ensure compatibility. However, you can also purchase M.2 screws separately if needed.

3. What size is the M.2 screw?
Answer: The size of the M.2 screw varies depending on the motherboard. Some may use a 2.0mm screw, while others may use a 2.5mm screw. Check your motherboard manual for the appropriate size.

4. What happens if I don’t use the M.2 screw for my SSD?
Answer: Failing to use the M.2 screw to secure your SSD to the motherboard may result in the SSD becoming loose or dislodged, potentially causing damage.

5. Can I use a different screw to secure my M.2 SSD?
Answer: It’s not recommended to use any other type of screw to secure your M.2 SSD, as they may be too large or too small and cause damage to the M.2 slot or SSD. Stick to using the M.2 screw that comes with your motherboard, or purchase a compatible screw separately.


To sum it up, the M.2 screw may or may not come with the motherboard. It is always best to check the contents of the package before making any assumptions. In case it is not included, one can purchase it separately from the manufacturer or any computer hardware store. Although it may seem like a minor component, the M.2 screw plays an essential role in ensuring the proper functioning of your M.2 slot. Always make sure you have one before installing an M.2 drive onto your motherboard.

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