Does The Iphone 5s Have An Ir Blaster?

The iPhone 5s, released by Apple in 2013, was one of the most highly anticipated smartphones of its time. Its sleek design and improved features made it a popular choice among consumers. However, one feature that was noticeably missing from the device was an infrared (IR) blaster.

An IR blaster is a component that allows a device to control other electronic devices that use infrared signals, such as TVs, cable boxes, and DVD players. Although some smartphone manufacturers had already started incorporating IR blasters into their devices, Apple had chosen not to include it in the iPhone 5s. This left many users wondering whether the iPhone 5s had an IR blaster or not and looking for ways to control their other devices with their phone.

Does the iPhone 5s Have an IR Blaster?

– An IR blaster is a component in electronic devices that emits infrared signals to control other compatible devices, such as TVs and cable boxes.
– Unfortunately, the iPhone 5s does not have an IR blaster as part of its hardware components.
– This means that users cannot use the iPhone 5s as a remote control for their TV or other IR-controlled devices.
– However, there are third-party devices, such as Harmony Hub from Logitech, that can be used to connect the iPhone 5s to compatible electronics and provide IR control capabilities.


1. Is the iPhone 5s equipped with an IR blaster?
Answer: No, the iPhone 5s does not have an IR blaster.

2. Can I use my iPhone 5s as a remote control for my TV?
Answer: No, you cannot use your iPhone 5s as a remote control for your TV as it does not have an IR blaster.

3. What is the purpose of an IR blaster?
Answer: IR blaster is a hardware device used to transmit infrared signals from one device to another. It is commonly used in remote controls of various devices such as TVs, set-top boxes, and air conditioners.

4. Which iPhone models have an IR blaster?
Answer: None of the iPhone models have an IR blaster. Apple has not incorporated this feature in its smartphones.

5. Are there any alternative ways to control my TV using my iPhone 5s?
Answer: Yes, you can use your iPhone 5s to control your TV by downloading third-party apps that work with your TV’s specific model and have built-in Wi-Fi capabilities. Examples of such apps include Peel Smart Remote and AnyMote Universal Remote.


After exploring the topic of whether the iPhone 5s has an IR blaster, we can conclude that unfortunately, it does not have this feature. While some older phone models do have infrared capabilities, Apple has moved away from this technology in its newer models. Therefore, if you are in need of controlling your TV or other infrared devices, you may need to look for alternative options or invest in a separate IR blaster device.

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