Does The I7 7700k Come With A Cooler?

The Intel i7 7700k is a high-performance processor in the seventh generation of Intel Core processors. It is known for its 4.2 GHz base clock speed and 4.5 GHz turbo frequency, making it a suitable choice for gamers and professionals seeking a powerful processor. A common question among potential buyers is whether the i7 7700k comes with a cooler or not.

The answer is yes, the i7 7700k processor does come with a cooler. The cooler included with the processor is a stock air cooler, known as the Intel Stock Cooler. This means that users can start using their processor right out of the box without the need to purchase an aftermarket cooling solution. However, the stock cooler may not be sufficient for users who plan on overclocking their processor or running heavy workloads for extended periods. In such cases, users may need to invest in a more powerful cooler to prevent overheating and to maintain optimal performance.

Does the i7 7700k come with a cooler?

• The i7 7700k is a 7th generation Intel Core processor that is highly coveted by gamers and professionals for its high performance and speed.
• The i7 7700k does not come with a cooler included in the package. This means that users have to purchase a separate cooler to maintain the appropriate temperature of the processor.
• There are several popular cooler options available in the market, including air-based coolers and liquid cooling solutions.
• Users should consider investing in a quality cooler to protect their investment in the i7 7700k and prevent overheating issues that could have a negative impact on performance.
• It is essential to choose a cooler that is compatible with the motherboard and case, and that properly fits and locks onto the processor.
• The i7 7700k is a high-performance processor that generates a significant amount of heat. Therefore, it is important to choose a cooler with sufficient heat dissipation capacity to maintain stable and optimal performance.


1. Question: Does the i7 7700k come with a cooler included in the box?

Answer: Yes, the i7 7700k CPU does come with a cooler included in the retail box.

2. Question: What type of cooler comes with the i7 7700k processor?

Answer: The i7 7700k CPU comes with an Intel stock cooler, which is a basic air-cooling solution.

3. Question: Is the included cooler sufficient for overclocking the i7 7700k?

Answer: The included stock cooler can handle mild overclocking, but for more overclocking potential, a better aftermarket cooler is recommended.

4. Question: Can I use a different cooler than the one included with the i7 7700k processor?

Answer: Yes, you can replace the included cooler with a different aftermarket cooler for better cooling and overclocking potential.

5. Question: How important is it to use a good cooler with the i7 7700k CPU?

Answer: It is important to use a good cooler with the i7 7700k CPU, especially for overclocking, as it will help keep the CPU temperature in check and prevent thermal throttling.


In summary, the i7 7700k does come with a cooler, the Intel HD Graphics 630. While this cooler is adequate for regular usage, those who plan on overclocking their CPU or using it for heavy-duty tasks will need to invest in a more powerful cooler. Ultimately, the decision to use the stock cooler or upgrade to a third-party cooler depends on individual needs and usage requirements. Regardless, it’s important to keep the CPU running cool to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

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