Does The 1660 Super Have Nvenc?

The Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Super is a popular graphics card released in October 2019. It is known for its superior performance and affordability. One of the most sought-after features in modern graphics cards is hardware encoding support for video encoding and streaming. In this context, many users are curious to know whether the 1660 Super has NVENC or not.

NVENC is a dedicated hardware encoder developed by Nvidia to support real-time video encoding. It stands for Nvidia Video Encoder and is meant to offload video encoding tasks from the CPU and onto the graphics card, resulting in better performance. The availability of NVENC in graphics cards is a significant factor for video content creators and gamers who live stream their gameplay. In the next sections, we will explore whether the 1660 Super has NVENC or not.

Does the 1660 Super have NVENC?

– The 1660 Super is a graphics card from NVIDIA, which offers high-performance gaming and video rendering capabilities.
– NVENC refers to NVIDIA’s hardware encoder, which is designed to accelerate video encoding tasks.
– The 1660 Super does have NVENC technology built-in, allowing for faster rendering of video content and other multimedia applications.
– NVENC technology is used by many popular software programs for video streaming, video editing, and other multimedia workflows.
– NVENC is designed to offload encoding tasks from the CPU, allowing for faster performance and reduced system overhead.
– The inclusion of NVENC technology in the 1660 Super makes it an ideal choice for creators and gamers who need fast video rendering and encoding capabilities.
– Using NVENC can also help to reduce power usage, which can be beneficial for users who are concerned about energy efficiency.
– Overall, the inclusion of NVENC technology in the 1660 Super makes it an attractive choice for professionals and enthusiasts who demand high-performance graphics and video processing capabilities from their hardware.


1. Does the 1660 Super have NVENC?
Yes, the 1660 Super has NVENC (Nvidia’s dedicated video encoding core) which is capable of hardware encoding of H.264 and H.265 (HEVC) videos.

2. Can the 1660 Super encode and decode videos?
Yes, the 1660 Super can encode and decode videos using the NVENC (hardware encoder) and NVDEC (hardware decoder) technologies respectively.

3. What are the advantages of NVENC in the 1660 Super?
NVENC in the 1660 Super provides improved video encoding quality, faster video encoding speed, and reduced CPU usage while encoding videos.

4. Is NVENC supported by all popular video editing software?
Yes, NVENC is supported by most popular video editing software like Adobe Premiere, OBS Studio, and Nvidia ShadowPlay.

5. Can the 1660 Super be used for live streaming using NVENC?
Yes, the 1660 Super can be used for live streaming using NVENC which provides high-quality video streaming and reduces the load on the CPU during streaming.


To sum it up, the 1660 Super graphics card does indeed have NVENC technology embedded within it. This means that users can enjoy faster and more efficient video encoding capabilities, enabling them to significantly improve their workflows and productivity. As a result, if you’re looking to upgrade your setup for streaming, video editing, or any other application that requires high-performance graphics, the 1660 Super is an excellent choice. Its NVENC capabilities make it a valuable addition to any system and help to elevate your overall computing experience.

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