Does Staples Sell Thermal Paste?

Staples is one of the largest office supply chains in the United States, known for providing a vast array of office supplies, electronics, and computer accessories. The company caters to a diverse set of customers, ranging from individuals to large corporations, providing high-quality products that meet different needs and requirements. One electronic accessory that is in high demand among computer enthusiasts and professionals is thermal paste. One may wonder if Staples sells thermal paste, and this article aims to provide an answer to this question.

Thermal paste is a crucial component of any computer system, as it helps improve the heat transfer between the CPU and the heat sink, preventing overheating and prolonging the lifespan of computer components. Given its importance, it’s essential to know where to find quality thermal paste. This article explores whether Staples sells thermal paste and provides insights into the different types and brands of thermal paste that are available in Staples stores.

Does Staples Sell Thermal Paste?

Staples is one of the largest office supply retailers in the United States that offers a wide variety of office supplies, electronics, furniture, and technology products. One of the common questions asked by customers is whether Staples sells thermal paste or not. Here’s a proper explanation of the answer:

– Thermal paste is a critical component in a computer’s cooling system that’s used to dissipate heat generated by its processor or graphics card. The paste acts as a heat conductor that improves heat transfer between the processor and the cooler.
– Staples offers a range of computer hardware and accessories in-store and online, including CPU coolers, fans, and other thermal management products. However, they don’t list thermal paste on their website or in their physical stores as a standalone product.
– It’s important to note that Staples carries a variety of pre-built computers and laptops that come with thermal paste already applied to the CPU, so customers don’t have to worry about applying thermal paste themselves.
– However, if you need thermal paste separately, you should check with other retailers that specialize in computer parts and accessories. Online retailers like Amazon, Newegg, Best Buy, and Micro Center offer various types of thermal paste from different brands, ensuring that you can find the right product that meets your needs and requirements.
– In summary, while Staples doesn’t appear to sell thermal paste as a standalone product, they still offer various thermal management options and pre-built computers that come with thermal paste already applied. For those looking for thermal paste, it’s best to check with other specialized retailers that offer this product.


1. Does Staples carry thermal paste?
Yes, Staples does carry thermal paste for use with computer processors and heat sinks.

2. Can I buy thermal paste online at Staples?
Yes, thermal paste is available for purchase online at Staples.

3. What brands of thermal paste does Staples sell?
Staples sells a variety of brands of thermal paste, including Arctic Silver, Cooler Master, and Antec.

4. Is thermal paste available at all Staples locations?
Thermal paste availability may vary by location, but it can typically be found at most Staples stores.

5. What is thermal paste used for?
Thermal paste is used as a thermal interface material between a computer processor and its heat sink, helping to transfer heat away from the processor and prevent overheating.


In conclusion, Staples does offer thermal paste for sale in-store and online. So, whether you’re building a custom PC or upgrading an existing one, you can rely on Staples to provide the thermal paste you need to ensure efficient and reliable performance from your computer’s processing unit. Plus, with Staples’ commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, you can shop with confidence, knowing that you’re getting a great product at a great value. So, the next time you’re in the market for thermal paste, be sure to check out Staples for all your computing needs. Thank you for reading!

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