Does Micro Atx Fit In Atx Case?

The computer world has become increasingly diverse over the years, offering various components that cater to different needs and preferences. One of the components that have evolved in size and design is the motherboard. Two of the most commonly found motherboard designs are the ATX and the micro ATX. The question that often arises is whether a micro ATX motherboard can fit into an ATX case.

The answer to that question is yes. Although these two motherboard designs differ in terms of size and some features, the mounting points on both boards are standardized in the same placement. Therefore, an mATX motherboard that uses the same mounting points as an ATX board can be fitted into an ATX case. This compatibility ensures that users have an easy upgrade path when they need to switch from one motherboard to another, without worrying about its compatibility with their existing case.

Does Micro ATX Fit in ATX Case?

• Micro ATX and ATX are two different form factors of motherboards.

• Micro ATX motherboards are smaller in size compared to ATX motherboards.

• Micro ATX motherboards usually come with fewer expansion slots and RAM slots compared to ATX motherboards.

• Micro ATX motherboards can fit into ATX cases.

• ATX cases are usually larger in size, which means they can accommodate a Micro ATX motherboard easily.

• Some ATX cases come with a removable tray for the motherboard that can be adjusted to fit both ATX and Micro ATX form factors.

• ATX cases are more flexible as they can accommodate both Micro ATX and ATX motherboards.

• It is important to check the case specifications and the motherboard specifications before installing a Micro ATX motherboard into an ATX case to make sure that they are compatible.


1. Question: Does Micro ATX fit in ATX case?
Answer: Yes, Micro ATX can fit in an ATX case, as long as the case has support for Micro ATX motherboards.

2. Question: Can an ATX motherboard fit in a Micro ATX case?
Answer: No, an ATX motherboard will not fit in a Micro ATX case as it is larger in size and requires more space.

3. Question: Is it recommended to use Micro ATX motherboard in an ATX case?
Answer: It depends on the specific requirements and preferences of the user. Using a Micro ATX motherboard in an ATX case can be a good option if the user wants to save space, but it might limit the flexibility for upgrades in the future.

4. Question: How to determine if an ATX case can fit a Micro ATX motherboard?
Answer: The product specifications of the ATX case usually indicate whether it supports Micro ATX motherboards or not. Users can also manually measure the case’s internal dimensions to check if it can accommodate the smaller motherboard size.

5. Question: Are the mounting screws and standoffs the same for ATX and Micro ATX motherboards?
Answer: Yes, the mounting screws and standoffs used to secure the motherboard are usually the same for both ATX and Micro ATX motherboards, as they use the same standard mounting holes.


To sum it up, whether a micro ATX motherboard can fit in an ATX case or not depends on the dimensions and the alignment of the screw holes. If the screw holes of both the motherboard and the case match, then a micro ATX motherboard can be easily installed in an ATX case. However, it is always recommended to double-check the compatibility before making a purchase to avoid any compatibility issues. With the right fit, a micro ATX setup in an ATX case can be a great way to save space and reduce cost without sacrificing performance.

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