Does Malwarebytes Work In Safe Mode?

Malware is a real threat to internet users worldwide. These malicious software programs are designed to harm computer systems, steal personal information, or extort money from unsuspecting victims. Most computers come with antivirus software installed, but many users find that these programs are not enough to protect them from more advanced and sophisticated malware attacks. That’s where Malwarebytes comes in, a popular anti-malware software that claims to offer superior protection against all kinds of malware. But does it work in safe mode?

Safe mode is a special mode of operation in which a computer starts up with only essential programs and drivers loaded. This mode is commonly used to diagnose and troubleshoot problems with a computer system. When a computer is in safe mode, some programs may not work properly, including some antivirus software. So, whether Malwarebytes works in safe mode is a valid question to ask. In this article, we will explore the effectiveness of Malwarebytes in safe mode and whether or not you should use this software in this mode.

Does Malwarebytes Work in Safe Mode?

Yes, Malwarebytes can work in Safe Mode, and the following points explain how:

• Safe Mode is a troubleshooting mode where only basic functions are loaded in Windows. It is used to diagnose and fix issues that may occur during normal Windows operation, such as malware infections.

• Malwarebytes is a powerful antivirus and anti-malware tool that can detect and remove a wide range of malicious threats, including viruses, Trojans, spyware, and adware.

• When you run Malwarebytes in Safe Mode, it can help to eliminate any malware and other malicious software that might be hiding in your system, slowing down your computer, or causing other issues.

• To run Malwarebytes in Safe Mode, you need to first restart your computer and enter Safe Mode by pressing F8 or a combination of keys during startup. Once in Safe Mode, you can launch Malwarebytes and run a full scan of your system.

• In most cases, Malwarebytes will detect and remove any malware it finds in Safe Mode, which will help to speed up your computer and improve its overall performance.

• However, it is advisable to run Malwarebytes in Safe Mode only if it is necessary. If you can run it in normal mode, it is better as it can detect and remove malware while other programs are open and running on your system.

• Malwarebytes also offers a feature called Chameleon that can help to run Malwarebytes in Safe Mode even if a malware infection is preventing it from launching normally. With Chameleon, you can bypass the malware’s efforts to block or remove Malwarebytes from your system and run a successful scan.


1. Can Malwarebytes work in Safe Mode?
Yes, Malwarebytes can work in Safe Mode in order to detect and remove malware that may be interfering with normal operation of the computer.

2. How do I run Malwarebytes in Safe Mode?
To run Malwarebytes in Safe Mode, restart your computer and press F8 before Windows begins to load. This will bring up the Advanced Boot Options menu, from which you can select “Safe Mode with Networking”. Once in Safe Mode, you can run Malwarebytes as you normally would.

3. What is the benefit of running Malwarebytes in Safe Mode?
Running Malwarebytes in Safe Mode allows it to scan the computer without interference from other programs or malware, which can improve its ability to detect and remove threats.

4. Can I still access the internet while running Malwarebytes in Safe Mode?
Yes, if you select “Safe Mode with Networking” from the Advanced Boot Options menu, you will be able to access the internet and run Malwarebytes as you normally would.

5. Are there any precautions I should take when running Malwarebytes in Safe Mode?
One precaution is to make sure you have the latest version of Malwarebytes installed before running it in Safe Mode. Additionally, be sure to disconnect any external storage devices to avoid accidentally spreading malware.


Overall, we can confidently state that Malwarebytes is a highly effective tool for removing malware in safe mode. Not only does it reduce the risks of spreading the infection, but it also ensures the complete eradication of all malware in the system. So, if you suspect that your computer might be infected, don’t hesitate to use Malwarebytes to run a scan in safe mode. It will give you peace of mind knowing that your system is safe and secure. Remember to keep your antivirus software up-to-date and regularly use Malwarebytes for optimum protection against malware.

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