Does Iphone 5 Have Infrared?

The iPhone 5 was one of Apple’s most popular smartphone models, with millions of units sold worldwide. However, as with any device on the market, there have been several questions regarding its features and capabilities. One of the minor, but still relevant, inquiries about the iPhone 5 is whether or not it has infrared.

Infrared technology is used in a variety of devices, from remote controls to security cameras. Therefore, it’s understandable to wonder if Apple included it in the iPhone 5. While some smartphone models have infrared capabilities, the iPhone 5 does not. Instead, it relies on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for connectivity purposes. Despite the lack of infrared, the iPhone 5 remains a high-quality device with a variety of features that continue to make it a viable option for users.

Does iPhone 5 Have Infrared?

– No, the iPhone 5 does not have an infrared (IR) port.
– Instead, the iPhone 5 uses Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and cellular data to communicate with other devices and networks.
– IR ports were common on older devices, such as TVs and remote controls, and allowed for the transmission of data over short distances without the need for cables or wires.
– However, IR technology has largely been replaced by more advanced wireless communication methods, such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.
– While some newer smartphones do include IR ports, the iPhone 5 does not have this feature.


FAQs: Does iPhone 5 have infrared?

1. Is iPhone 5 equipped with infrared technology?

Yes, it does not have an infrared (IR) port to facilitate communication with other devices that use that technology.

2. Can I use my iPhone 5 to control my TV or other electronic devices?

Unfortunately, the iPhone 5 does not have infrared capabilities, so it cannot be used to control your TV or other electronic devices.

3. What other types of connectivity does the iPhone 5 have?

The iPhone 5 has multiple connectivity options including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, cellular, and GPS. It also has a lightning connector and a headphone jack.

4. Are there any devices that can be added to the iPhone 5 to enable infrared capabilities?

Yes, there are some accessories that can be added to the iPhone 5 to enable infrared capabilities, such as IR Blaster or IR dongles. However, these add-ons are not officially supported by Apple.

5. Does the lack of infrared technology affect the iPhone 5’s performance in any way?

No, not having infrared technology does not affect the performance of the iPhone 5. It may limit some users from using the device to control other electronic devices, but it does not have any impact on the core functions of the phone itself.


In summary, the iPhone 5 does not have an infrared feature. This means that you cannot use it as a remote control for your television or other devices that require infrared technology. However, there are various accessories and applications available that can provide similar functionalities. So, if you’re looking for an iPhone that has infrared, you may need to consider other models or be open to using alternate methods to control your devices.

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