Does Intel I5 Have Integrated Graphics?

Intel i5 is a popular processor family from Intel that is versatile and widely used. It is a mid-range processor that delivers a balance between performance and cost-effectiveness. One of the common questions people often have about this processor is whether it comes with integrated graphics or not.

Integrated graphics are built-in graphics processing units (GPUs) that come with some processors. They allow the computer to display images and videos without needing a separate graphics card. In this article, we will explore whether Intel i5 has integrated graphics or not, and what this means for users.

Does Intel i5 Have Integrated Graphics?

– The Intel i5 processor family includes some models that have integrated graphics and some models that don’t.
– The models that do have integrated graphics are labeled with an “F” or “H” in their model number, such as the i5-9400F or i5-10400H.
– The integrated graphics on these processors are part of the Intel UHD Graphics or Intel Iris Graphics series, depending on the specific model.
– These integrated graphics can handle basic tasks like web browsing, video playback, and simple games, but may struggle with more demanding games or graphics-intensive applications.
– If you want to use your computer for gaming or other graphics-intensive tasks, you may want to consider adding a dedicated graphics card to your system.


1. Question: Does the Intel i5 processor come with integrated graphics?

Answer: Yes, the Intel i5 processor has built-in integrated graphics.

2. Question: Is it necessary to have a separate graphics card with Intel i5 processors?

Answer: It is not necessary as Intel i5 processors come with integrated graphics, but a separate graphics card may provide better performance for some applications.

3. Question: Can Intel i5 processors run games without a dedicated graphics card?

Answer: Intel i5 processors with integrated graphics can run many games at lower settings, but for better performance or higher resolution, a dedicated graphics card is recommended.

4. Question: How do I check if my Intel i5 processor has integrated graphics?

Answer: You can check the specifications of your processor on the Intel website, or check your computer’s device manager or system information to see if it lists an integrated graphics device.

5. Question: Are there different types of integrated graphics available with Intel i5 processors?

Answer: Yes, there are different generations and models of Intel integrated graphics available with Intel i5 processors, with varying levels of performance and capability.


Overall, it can be confirmed that Intel i5 processors do have integrated graphics. In fact, thanks to the advancements in technology, the graphics capabilities of these processors have significantly improved over the years. This means that users can enjoy smoother and more high-quality visuals without requiring a separate graphics card. Therefore, if you are looking for a budget-friendly and efficient option for your gaming or video editing needs, the Intel i5 processor could be a great choice with its built-in graphics capabilities.

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