Does I5 8400 Come With Cooler?

The Intel Core i5 8400 is one of the most popular processors available in the market today. It is known for its exceptional performance and affordability. One of the key considerations when purchasing a processor is whether it comes with a cooler or not. In this article, we will delve into this topic and provide a definitive answer on whether the i5 8400 comes with a cooler or not.

Before we proceed to answer this question, it is important to note the role of a cooler in a computer system. A cooler is responsible for managing the heat generated by the processor during its operation. Without a properly functioning cooler, the processor may overheat and become damaged. This is why it is crucial to ensure that your processor comes with a suitable cooler, or that you purchase one separately. This brings us to the question at hand, does the i5 8400 come with a cooler?

Does i5 8400 Come with Cooler?

The Intel Core i5 8400 is a popular processing unit known for its impressive speed and performance. When purchasing an i5 8400, one may wonder if a cooler is included in the package. Here are the facts:

– Yes, the Intel Core i5 8400 comes with a cooler.
– The cooler included is the Intel stock cooler, also known as Intel BXTS15A.
– The Intel stock cooler is sufficient for normal usage of the i5 8400 but may not be ideal for intense gaming or overclocking.
– If you plan to use your i5 8400 for heavy tasks such as gaming or video editing, it is recommended to upgrade to a better CPU cooler.
– Upgraded cooling systems can improve CPU lifespan and overall performance.
– It is essential to ensure that the cooling system is compatible with the i5 8400 socket type, which is LGA 1151.
– If you decide to upgrade your CPU cooler, it is advisable to seek professional help to avoid damaging your device.

In conclusion, the i5 8400 does come with an included cooler, but for heavy usage, it is recommended that you upgrade to a better CPU cooler compatible with LGA 1151. Always seek professional advice before upgrading your device.


1. Question: Is the i5 8400 Processor bundled with a cooler?
Answer: Yes, the Intel i5 8400 Processor comes with a stock cooler.

2. Question: What type of cooler does the i5 8400 Processor come with?
Answer: Intel provides a small, but effective, cooler in the box with the i5 8400 Processor.

3. Question: Can I use the cooler that comes with the i5 8400 Processor for overclocking?
Answer: While the cooler that comes with the i5 8400 Processor is capable of cooling the CPU during everyday use, it may not be sufficient for overclocking.

4. Question: Is it necessary to buy an aftermarket cooler along with the i5 8400 Processor?
Answer: If you do not plan to overclock your CPU, the stock cooler should be sufficient. However, if you want better cooling or plan to push the clock speed higher, you may want to consider an aftermarket cooler.

5. Question: Can I use a different brand cooler with the i5 8400 Processor?
Answer: Yes, the i5 8400 Processor is compatible with various third-party coolers as long as they are designed to work with an LGA 1151 socket.


In summary, the i5 8400 processor does come with a stock cooler, the Intel stock cooler. While it may not be the most efficient cooler, it is suitable for most basic needs. However, if you’re planning on overclocking, it is still recommended to buy a better cooler. Nevertheless, for an average user, the i5 8400 processor’s included cooler should suffice.

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